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PWC Commonwealth Attorney – Paul Ebert – Ham Sandwich or Hot dogs?

FROM THE FULL COURT PRESS: We all remember Paul Ebert from the Lorena Bobbit “penis removal” case where she was acquitted of severing her “then” husband, John Wayne Bobbit’s, penis off while he was sleeping.

To summarize, Lorena took “the penis”  with her while she got into her vehicle and drove away, throwing it along side of the road.  PWC Police found “the penis” and placed it on ice.  John Wayne had the penis reattached in a lengthy surgery.  John Wayne has since divorced Lorena and touts professions such as “Porn Star” and “Car Washer” since that horrendous debacle.

In the prosecution of Lorena Bobbit, Paul Ebert, failed to get a conviction and subsequently Lorena walked free for such a crime and de-masculating gruesome act of torture.

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Virginia: 26th Judicial Circuit Judgeship Nominations

The Full Court Press(“TFCP”) FROM THE FULL COURT PRESSwrote about a Family Court Judge in Winchester Virginia previously on June 27th ,2014 –  regarding a Man who was jailed by Judge Beth Kellas Burton.

Rand Cadmus caught Judge Burton acting-out on her Bench and illegitimately threatening him in her Family courtroom.  Cadmus notified the Court that he had recorded  his own proceeding and Judge Burton literally hit the roof.

In an effort to cover-up her misdeeds and horrible behavior, she  arguably,  committed a crime.  Burton used the Bailiff’s in the courtroom and not only conspired with them but through force, took the recording device and attempted to erase her own courtroom antics that Cadmus “caught on tape” after she incarcerated him.

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Update: Winchester Va -Public Defender’s Office is Fired and All Charges Dismissed

FROM: THE FULL COURT PRESS – Last week, TFCP posted an article about Ms Cindy Shin and the Winchester Public Defender’s office in Winchester Virginia.

A young lady who had been caught in the Winchester “Litigation Vortex” had her cases continued for nearly “one year” to no fault of her own.  Though, the docket states that she had initiated at least one continuance, the fact was that the Court failed to properly appoint legal counsel to the young lady.

TFCP sat in all of the hearings beginning January 3rd 2014 and watched the Commonwealth Attorney’s office frivolously continue the case “knowing”….. THE WHOLE STORY HERE


Pro Se litigant sues and Beats Virginia Sheriff on FOIA Violation

FROM THE FULL COURT PRESS – In early 2014, The Frederick County Sheriff, Robert T. Williamson was sued in Frederick County General District Court for failing to respond to a simple FOIA request.

The Plaintiff, Rand Cadmus,  had been attempting to extract information out of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Dept for (4) months.  Email after email back and forth until the Frederick County Sheriff’s Doug Lang ended with “We will not repond to your emails[sic]).

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Judge Beth Kellas Burton – Dangerously Abusive and Should be Removed

FROM: THE FULL COURT PRESS – On August 26, 2013, Rand Cadmus appeared in Juvenile  and Domestic Relations Court regarding an illegitimate protective order that Deputy Doug Nicholson issued towards him as well as assault charges.  All of the charges were immediately dropped.

During this shenanigan facilitated by the Frederick County Sheriff’s Department and Deputy Doug Nicholson – Cadmus’s mother died after he had an emergency welfare check done on his mother.  FCSD refused to have her admitted for evaluation.

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Case Dismissed In Trooper Melanie McKenney vs VACB Founder Nathan Cox (Update: Saga Continues)

Written By: Nathan Cox

I was due in Hanover Court on Monday June 23rd at 9:30 in regards to a Civil Lawsuit where Virginia State Trooper Melanie McKenney was/ is trying to sue me for “Defamation”. The small claims court room was in the basement of the General District Court. Virginia State Police Employee, Melanie McKenney failed to show up. My case was the first called, we told the Judge we would wait around for 15 minutes. After waiting with no appearance by McKenney, the Judge dismissed the case.

Now Today, June 26th, 2015 I receive mail from McKenney, that was a copy of a letter she sent to the Judge the day after our Court Date, apologizing for her absence and requesting/ submitting a motion to reopen the case. See pictures below. Read more

Virginia Cop Block Founder Nathan Cox Sued by VSP Trooper Melanie McKenney

Warrant in Debt
On March 17, 2014 I was served a “Warrant in Debt”. As you will see in the attached image, I’m being sued for $5,000 by Virginia State Police Trooper Melanie McKenney. Some of you readers may recall that two years ago I was pulled over by Trooper Melanie McKenney during Memorial Day Weekend when the Virginia State Police had many of their Revenue Generating Officers out on the interstates. I had described it as the second most aggressive traffic stop I had ever been involved in. She violated my rights and denied my right to record her by claiming my cell phone could be a gun – however the information and videos given to me through the FOIA Request showed that she knew it wasn’t a gun, in her words, “I don’t want myself on any type of YouTube or whatever.” If you are not aware of this incident and would like to see the article and videos of that incident click here.

So almost two years later VSP Trooper Melanie McKenney is suing me for “Defamation”. Read more

How to Beat a Photo-Enforced Speeding Ticket (or Red Light Ticket) (UPDATED: Recent Rulings)

Last year I received a letter in the mail from the Washington D.C DMV claiming I was speeding. As you can see it was one of those Photo-Enforced Speeding Tickets and they had multiple pictures of my CAR. I knew better to just submit and pay a fine like the majority of people do in this country, unfortunately. I am in the habit of not taking “plea deals”, and I am always in the habit of fighting my tickets and NOT pre-paying them so I don’t have to go to court – like many folks do. I just about always record my interactions with the police, whether it’s a traffic stop or not, that way it keeps the entire situation objective, transparent and I can hold the public servant accountable if he/ she violates my rights.

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Video: Interview with attorney Andrew Bodoh

By Chris Staples

Attorney Andrew Bodoh presents the facts concerning the Richmond Police Department’s lawsuit against Virginia CopBlock, Virginia CopWatch, Nathan Cox, Moriah Karn, and ten unnamed defendants. Please repost, reblogg, and spread the word about this issue.  The City of Richmond has chosen to sue residents for writing articles that they do not like.  If this action is tolerated, nothing will stop RPD from taking similar action against other residents.


The Injunction is about Punishing Journalism

Written and edited by Chris Staples


By now, most readers of Virginia CopBlock have heard the story about the injunction against Nate Cox, ‘Mo Karnage’, the RVA Wingnut Collective, and  Yes, the Richmond Police Department actually issued an injunction against an internet domain.  Yes, internet domains are inanimate objects incapable of uploading or transmitting data without human action. is a tool of the digital age, no different from a phone, computer word processor, or blog.


RPD’s injunction demonstrates the lengths that governments will go to prevent transparency.  With their injunction, RPD is frantically trying to hold back the free flow of information made possible by the digital age.  This injunction demonstrates how governments fear the loss of the mainstream media’s monopoly on the news.  New media venues like YouTube and podcasts, online news sources like and American Daily Herald, and blogging tools like WordPress and BlogSpot destroy the status quo by allowing anyone, anywhere to become reporters.


Reporters need access to write their stories.  Finding sources and doing real research takes time.  Attending press conferences and going to lunch with government officials is quicker and easier than developing sources and running actual investigations.  In the past, local police could control their public image by cozying up to the five or size news outlets in an area.  Activist blogs like CopBlock and CopWatch break the stranglehold on investigative journalism.


The injunction represents a deliberate act to suppress a free press.  RPD officials understand that independent journalists don’t have the funds to pay for a drawn-out court battle.  RPD leaders hope to create enough pain for Virginia CopBlock and the RVA Wingnut Collective to prevent these groups from continuing in their activism.  Suppressing these groups would make it harder for future independent journalists to work.


The injunction is a gauntlet thrown in the path of independent journalists.  The injunction has a chilling effect, deterring other activists and journalists from demanding government transparency.  The injunction is not a matter of the specific files released, nor is it a matter of confidentiality.  Ultimately, the injunction is about the need for governments to maintain their status quo of secrecy.