Case Dismissed In Trooper Melanie McKenney vs VACB Founder Nathan Cox (Update: Saga Continues)

Written By: Nathan Cox

I was due in Hanover Court on Monday June 23rd at 9:30 in regards to a Civil Lawsuit where Virginia State Trooper Melanie McKenney was/ is trying to sue me for “Defamation”. The small claims court room was in the basement of the General District Court. Virginia State Police Employee, Melanie McKenney failed to show up. My case was the first called, we told the Judge we would wait around for 15 minutes. After waiting with no appearance by McKenney, the Judge dismissed the case.

Now Today, June 26th, 2015 I receive mail from McKenney, that was a copy of a letter she sent to the Judge the day after our Court Date, apologizing for her absence and requesting/ submitting a motion to reopen the case. See pictures below.

Image Image (2) Image (4)
I did not bother uploading the image of the motion to reopen the case. I can tell you the motion was submitted the 24th of June, the day after the court date she missed.

I’m convinced McKenney’s motive is one of these three things, or a combination of them: retaliation, money, stifling my 1st Amendment Rights. I guess we’ll wait and see what the Judge does. In the mean time my attorney Stephen A. Lewis will be filing some of our own paperwork as well. I’ll continue to keep the public aware of the situation.

Update: Melanie McKenney was granted her motion. I return to court, luckily for me, Circuit Court, September 16th at 2:00pm

  • The legal process is absurd sometimes. Nevertheless, have fun and smell the roses along the path to judicial freedom. DISQUS is now up and functional.

  • Tom Culbreth

    I would think that in her position as a trooper she should be held to a higher standard in regards to showing up for any trial date and time! I remember I missed a court date once due to being in the hospital (admitted early in the morning of the date say around 3 am) I was issued a bench warrant and had to jump through hoops to avoid an arrest, and in the rescheduled court date along with the “show cause” I had to explain over the commonwealth Atty that it was impossible to call the day before as i was in the ER the morning of then admitted and under IV pain meds that kicked my butt. She had no such situation so no exceptions should be made for her. What is one of their favorite quotes “ignorance is no excuse”

    • civil vs criminal is a little different. She could get a show-cause issued on her though… to pay Nate’s expenses.

    • Rob Cooper

      Don’t you know what country this is? Cops get away with murder.

  • Tom Culbreth

    Ps the supreme court has ruled in your favor already HA

  • Melanie McKenney is mad because her granny fat ass was embarrassed that you stood up for your rights. Fuck her smelly hole!

  • Tim Seltz

    Actual malice etcetera. I’ll be interested to learn the punitive damages you’re awarded in addition to attorney fees. This will be an expensive lesson for Melanie. -Tim @wkshacopblock

  • ChristCrusader

    I find her reference to the extensive help that Ellen Edwards, the processing clerk, gave her to be curious – since normally they insist that they can offer no help in the process, and recommend hiring a lawyer instead. Perhaps she’s receiving improper, favorable treatment – meanwhile you rack up legal fees to defend yourself!

    • Thats pure BS when they say that. They CAN help you with the process as soon as you’ve picked a direction your going. IE… I want to file a lawsuit. Ok- here’s the process. That is not legal advise which entails applying statutory code and case law to your specific situation regarding the subject matter. Clerks are idiots by design sometimes.

      • ChristCrusader

        Actually, they would be sticking their necks out, because if they advise you improperly, and you miss a step or a form to file, then you fail, under their advice.

  • tonya

    If the judge dismissed it, that should be it.

  • tonya

    Court dates are set at the officer’s convenience in the first place.