FOIA Request Concerning Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Stop with Trooper McKenney – PUBLISHED

Written by: Nathan Cox
Edited by Meg McLain & Chris Staples

On Memorial Day weekend,May 26th, I was coming home from a side-job I had picked up. Quickly noticed that Interstate 295 was being HEAVILY Policed by State Troopers. Here is my initial CELL PHONE Video):

“I passed 3 state troopers just 50 meters from the Pole Green Road Exit on 295. They were conducting a traffic stop, funny thing was, 2 of them were conducting the stop, while a third was on the opposite shoulder. As I drove by one of the cops stared me, or my vehicle down. The next thing I knew one of those cops came up fast behind me while I was still on the phone. She moved over the adjacent lane and proceeded to pass me, just enough to see my State Inspection sticker which expired March 1. Then she pulled behind me and blue lighted me. She came up to my door, opened the door and aggressively asked to get out of the car. After I complied and stepped out of my car, she had her hands all over me trying to prevent me from recording her. After I signed the tickets she claimed my muffler sounded loud (it’s a stock muffler on a 08 civic Si). As I tried to capture some video of all the cruisers that came to the scene, she threatened me with a citation for being a “pedestrian on the highway” you can see that in the next video. 3 more cops came to the scene. The entire stop was not caught on MY phone because one of the male cops turned my phone upside down when they noticed it filming. I’m hoping to get the dashboard cam via FOIA after the criminal charges are dealt with.”

After going to court about this, I was able to get the inspection sticker citation dismissed but was found “guilty” on the charge “Failure to Display Front License Plate”. Following these court proceedings over these charges, I filed an official complaint with the Virginia State Police concerning the aggressive nature of State Trooper McKenney. I also filed a Freedom Of Information Act Request in hopes to obtain Trooper McKenney’s Dashboard Camera, as well as any other communication about me via, phone, text, email and radio. Also, I tried to recover previous complaints Trooper McKenney may have received, but was denied that request.

Approximately August 22nd I received the FOIA Request Package from the Virginia State Police. After reviewing the information we received, being the Dashboard Camera and text messages that was sent to/received from McKenney validated my account of what happened and provides enough evidence that could make a case for a 4th Amendment Rights Violation. If you have not yet seen MY video of the traffic stop yet, you can watch the video here and you will notice at the 7:27 mark someone violates my 4th Amendment Rights by trespassing against my property (My Phone). As well as a short clip here of trying to get footage of the cop cars after recovering my phone, she then threatened to cite me for “being a pedestrian on a highway”.
What you’ve been waiting for – State Trooper McKenney’s Dashboard Camera:

Points of Interest/ Concern:

  • At approximately the 1:20 mark Trooper McKenney approaches my car and proceeds to open my door; within a second or two of her opening my door, “Driver Perspective”.
  • At approximately the 1:50 mark Trooper McKenney begins to prevent me from recording her by trying to grab my smart-phone, claims it could be a gun at the 2:30 mark.
  • At approximately 2:50 mark in the video I comply and put my phone while recording against the spoiler on my car point towards the front of her car, while telling her I am still recording, she replies “That’s fine.”
  • At approximately the 3:22 mark, she continues her refusal of me recording her all while saying it could be a gun, and she has no problem recording her saying “You can record all you want”.

*NOTE* The TIME of 3:36pm was written on both citations – noted for purposes of Text Message time-frame. The Text Message that Trooper McKenney sent/ received begin to play on the bottom of the screen in chronological order beginning around the 3:48 minute mark in the video. (All text messages appear to be sent/ received after completion of the traffic stop)

  • At approximately the 5:02 mark she is alerted by her computer that I have a concealed weapons permit.
  • At approximately the 6:05 mark she finally admits it’s a phone (but then says she doesn’t know what it is), but refuses to let me record her. I point out she is the one with a gun on her hip and that my firearm is not on me. Question: Do Police officers have the “legal right” to disarm individuals they encounter? Maybe only in the case of someone being detained/ arrested? Why is an individual likely required to be disarmed and not the police officer? It’s the police who’ve proved to be over-aggressive, liars, thieves, murderers, incompetent, inept, violent, etc and there our thousands of videos on YouTube to prove it. It’s the police who need to be disarmed and given maybe a rubber-band gun as a replacement.
  • At Approximately the 6:50 mark three more State Troopers arrive.
  • At approximately the 7:25 mark she finally finishes explaining why she pulls me over – and I ask her to show me a victim.
  • At approximately the 8:00 mark I again make a plea to retain my smart-phone, so I can record the scene, request denied. “You don’t have a right to your property on a traffic stop”.
  • At approximately the 8:40 mark she attempts to get me to incriminate myself by hoping I’d say I wasn’t wearing my seat belt – I didn’t intentionally did not answer her.
  • At approximately the 9:00 mark trooper McKenney Trespasses against my property (smart-phone) and lays my phone down on my car camera facing the sky – Seen in my video here. I initially thought my phone was touched by one of the Troopers guarding me. I pleaded with them off and on through the length of the detainment to allow me to retain my property because it was 100+ degrees that day and I was in fear that a combination of the direct sunlight & heated metal of my car would damage my phone. They refused to let me obtain my property or even move my property to a safer location and even said they weren’t responsible for it if it ended up getting damaged by the heat.
  • At approximately the 10:10 mark one of the Troopers approaches McKenney’s vehicle and questions her about the stop and makes first mention of
  • At approximately the 10:48 mark she acknowledges I was recording to her colleague and said, “I asked him to get out of the car and he puts a camera in my face” and goes on to say “I don’t want myself on any type of YouTube or whatever.” (She knew very well it wasn’t a weapon and simply did not want to be recorded. Public Servants like her self have no reasonable expectation of privacy.
  • At approximately the 11:14 mark another Trooper approaches her car to let her know I’m “from the online Cop Block thing”.
  • At approximately the 11:55 mark Trooper McKenney explains to colleague that I was wanting to retain my phone to record the scene, she goes on to say, “I don’t want his cell phone in my face, it could be a gun.” (Maybe that’s why there are so many “accidental” shootings?)
  • At approximately the 12:10 mark McKenney’s colleague says, “he calls for a supervisor every time he gets pulled over” (That’s not true first of all, secondly that proves he’s seen the VCU traffic stop video).
  • At approximately the 16:06 mark The officer who had been sneering at me began attempting to search the inside of my car.  He peered into the windows, walked around the car, even tried to get in it at one point.  What is the purpose of this search?  Who knows. I made it very clear I was not giving anyone consent to search my car.
  • At approximately the 20:09 mark Trooper McKenney continues to try and find reasons to extort more money from me (for doing no harm to anyone life, liberty or property).
  • At approximately the 25:28 mark she finally gets out of her car to give me the citations – colleague says “Be aware he may not sign.”

As you will see in the picture(s) provided, RE: Freedom of Information Act Request, each piece of information I requested was addressed in paragraph’s numbered 1-7. You’ll notice in paragraph 6 and 7 the information I requested any possible records concerning McKenney’s [history of] behavior or conduct. I was denied that information. Furthermore as you can see noted in paragraph 7 that there are a total of 806 “Public Records as of that date of your request, which are being withheld under this exemption”, the exemption being specifically, “Virginia Code Sections 2.2-3704 (B) (1), personnel records and/or complaints and internal and/or administrative investigative records are exempt from disclosure pursuant to 2.2-3706 (F)(11)(ii) and the department is exercising its discretion not to release these records.”

My question is, why the secrecy? 806 “Public Records” are being withheld? Why is there a lack of transparency? Is it really a “public record” if the public can’t view it? This experience illustrates the issue of law enforcement or other government officials behaving without regard for the law. Preventing the release of public records allows some officials to behave like they are unaccountable and exempt from the law.

Also, included in the pictures is the TEXT MESSAGES transcripts Trooper McKenney and her colleagues were sending/ receiving after the stop about me. A couple of the message in particular concern me. From Officer with Badge # 881, “THIS WAS THE SAME REASON HE GOT PULLED AT VCU”. That is a FALSE. I was pulled over for saying, “Stop harassing people, we pay your pay checks.” Another concerning text message says, “NEED TO LET THE JUDGE KNOW ABOUT THAT GUY”.

These types of statements are serious red flags. We’re supposed to have a “fair” Judicial System, but instead you have the police, judges and prosecutors all working on the same team and collaborating together to ruin people’s lives. 1. There are 2.1 MILLION people caged up in a Prison or in Jail, awaiting trial. The U.S has about 5% of the WORLD population but yet 25% of the world’s PRISON POPULATION. Nonviolent “Offenders” make up more than 60 percent of the prison and jail population. Nonviolent drug offenders now account for about one-fourth of all inmates, up from less than 10 percent in 1980. And maybe THE MOST concerning text message out of them all, YEAH I AM GONNA GIVE YOU ALL DETAILS AND HE LIVES ON THE OTHER SIDE OF 360 FROM ME SO YOU CAN BET THAT I WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM STOPPING HIM AGAIN IF HE DOESN’T CORRECT IT…. EVERY 24 HOURS HE CAN GET A TICKET FOR IT.”

Sure enough I’ve been cited for it again since then by a Hanover Deputy, I go to court for that in October with some great defense techniques up my sleeve. Can’t forget the “YOU GO GIRL” TO END THE TRANSMISSION OF TEXTS SENT/ RECEIVED. Have Police forgotten whom they work for and whom they are supposed to serve and protect? I believe they have, and here is a wonderful message to law enforcement & military personnel all across the world. We live in a world in which are “legislators” have literally criminalized us alland the Police have a duty to use their common sense, conscious and discretion when choosing which laws to enforce.

Lastly you will see the receipt of my FOIA Request, in order to get my “public records”, I had to pay $80.13. You will see it itemized on the receipt, $73.99 being towards, “research and copying of public documents”. Although I disagree with being charged that much, specifically because that is their job, to provide information when FOIA Requests are submitted. Apparently that is some how not covered using the money that’s taxpayers pay to provide their salaries, vehicles, computers, guns, tanks and other toys.

In the end, I regret putting down my phone during the traffic stop. I understand that I might have been arrested or cited for some offence like “Failure to Obey a Lawful Order”. No individual has any idea how a police stop will end, but I know that I have a right to record the actions of a public official, and I know that it is unreasonable that the officer would have mistaken my phone for a weapon. Had the officer honestly believed the phone was a weapon, I would have been made to lie prone on the pavement in order to search my person and my car. This officer overreacted, a mistake that could result in the needless injury or death of someone during a future stop. I recommend that the officer be retrained to prevent a future, possibly dangerous, mistake. Ultimately, it is my hope that everyone, especially “law enforcement” embrace the Non-Aggression Principle, that no one has the right to initiate force against anyone else. I challenge anyone who has taken an oath that police and military take,which I took when I enlisted in the Army in 2006, to visit the Oath Keepers website to learn more about the standards expect of people who wear the uniform.

  • josh

    if she isn’t smart enough to know that you have a phone, she shouldn’t be allowed to be a cop. She obviously doesn’t have the brain capacity to handle complex situations.

    • Richard

      Man, don’t you understand? Being a cop is all that’s left. She couldn’t handle a complex job, such as cooking french fries.

    • erik de wit

      I expect you to remove this message very quickly because it is not a message to benefit your narrow minded vision/website.
      Prove me otherwise leave this message online.

      Here goes:

      Somebody has to say it, and i am sorry that i am “that” guy.

      This is why people around the world think all Americans are stupid, like this guy they see a cop and immediately think and shout “police harassment” just because they think they know their “constitutional rights”.
      You who are so aware of his rights did seem to forget that you are by law required to have a front license plate on (not in) your car in that area.

      This officer asked you to please get out of the car because she wanted to get off the road, haven’t you seen all those video’s where police officers get run over when performing roadside stops?
      I see no over reaction here, maybe yours, clinging for dear life to “your constitutional rights”. Next time just step out answer a few questions an be on your way with a ticket for in this case the license plate issue.

      Also if a cop asks to put down something that your are holding because it could be a weapon you should put it down. Even it is just a mobile phone, battery charger, wallet, twig or anything else for that matter. Then your attempt to get some respect by mentioning that you are a US Army Veteran (don’t get me wrong i am a huge fan of veterans world wide putting their lives on the line for for (my) freedom, I thank you for that) only enforces the reasons for the police officer to ask to put down anything you have in your hands. It could be USED as weapon.

      Then around 7:30 your explanation about how and why your license plate is not on your car. Somebody bumped into you and it fell of? OK reasonable explanation but then I laughed. You say that you haven’t come to fixing it because you lost your job. Losing your job implies that you have nowhere to go to work and should have enough time on your hands to fix that, but it seems that you are to busy trying to get police to harass you.

      To all people saying see here your tax dollars at work, keep in mind that this guy intentionally seeks out these situations. Why would he otherwise have this special site. These tax dollars could have been spend much more use full matters is this guy.

      To your question why there are so many troopers on the road today(date of video). Here is your answer. They where put on that particular road that day a specially to annoy you.

      Greetings from The Netherlands
      Erik de Wit

      • Michael Mayo

        Do you seriously think her behavior and attitude was justified? She walked up and aggressively opened the car door and demanded the driver get out. She didn’t ask. She was not respectful. She was not friendly. She was angry. Why? What’s the point? She has probable cause to cite the driver for the inspection and license plate. That’s it. There’s no need to take it any further. She was just hoping the driver would fight back so she could haul someone off to jail so she can brag to her friends. Cops are out of control. They need to start respecting citizens. If you want respect, then earn it. Do the right thing. Don’t treat someone like a criminal. If you respect me, I’ll respect you.

        Furthermore, we have a right to film police while on duty. It is a protected activity under the 1st and 4th amendments. The has been reaffirmed by the Supreme Court Justices. In fact, they went further by saying not only is it protected, it is vital to ensure liberty.

        A person with any sense could immediately see that it was not a weapon. If they tried to use that in court, that would only lend credence to their incompetence. You have no business being a cop if you don’t know the difference between a cell phone and a weapon.

        Cops are always fond of the saying “if you’re not doing anything wrong then why do you have problem.” Well, if the cops aren’t doing anything wrong, then why do they have a problem with people filming?

        You are from the Netherlands? Do the cops in Amsterdam act like this? Something tells me they don’t. You should be familiar with Hitler’s Germania. Well, that’s the path we’re headed on in the US and I think everyone can agree, the NAZI party and Hitler were not good for the world. I’ll do everything I can to prevent that kind of tyranny and so will other patriotic Americans.

        The cop in this case was wrong. She was disrespectful, rude, and accusatory.

      • I totally agree with Erik. His characterization is right on. I figured the problem out recently. You see, decades ago, really before the 60’s or 70’s, people generally held the same ideals, values, morals and common sense. Sure, we had serious problems like racism, sexism and such. But I think most still understood about decency, morality, common courtesy.

        Since the 60’s, generation after generation got softer, whinier, weaker, lazier and worst of all so self-centered that all they/we care about anymore is ourselves. What’s in it for me? Why should I have to do that? You can’t make me! Not my problem! I don’t care. And that’s just it.

        Because we no longer think of each other but just ourselves we lost any sense of “Common Courtesy” because we have nothing in common anymore. We point fingers and accuse police and others if we don’t like what they’re doing. Well shame on you! Grow up and quit finding reasons to be a jerk. What happened in your life that makes you want to intentionally be combative and confrontational. Is that what entertains you? What if all that energy, time and effort that you spent were spent on helping clean up a park, or start a community project to mend a fence or volunteer somewhere? But likely, if you’re putting this much effort into this, then you need to do some soul searching and figure out a better path. Good Luck!

      • Bill

        I too agree with Erik and I’m not from the Netherlands.

        Lets face it, you are walking.. er.. driving around with a proverbial chip on your shoulder. I’ve seen plenty of unreasonable actions by police officers and I have seen even more of those actions by the people they are dealing with. In fact I’d wager you get hundreds of people who act “out of bounds” before you find an officer that does. Watch documentaries, talk to officers, heck, watch COPS on TV (if you’re in the US, basically a guy with a camera doing a ride along for a TV show) and you will see a pattern develop.

        Most officers show restraint. Some make mistakes. They are trained not to, but they are still human and can make mistakes. Some of the actions or reactions of the officers in what you might assume is a complete innocent situation happen because of these unreasonable people they deal with.

        My mind set when watching this video.. I stumbled across it on youtube. I thought – here goes, one of those “cop pulls woman out of the car because he has a hair trigger temper”

        It surprised me at how mildly it started. And my first thought was that she was asking you to get out of the car because it wasn’t the safest place for her to have a chat and she noticed you moving around or doing something that made her uncomfortable. Again.. you may be in the 99% that would never do anything, but it is that 1% they deal with on a regular basis that force them to treat every situation the caution.

        I suspect it as your fiddling around with the phone so you could document this that started the “aggressive” reaction you think she has. Quite frankly I’m surprised that after your fidgeting around and sticking the camera in her face that she didn’t put cuffs on you and have you sit by her cruiser.

        As it went on it became evident that you were almost looking for trouble. The sad thing is that once the figured you out that it came to light that you have a reputation of asking for a supervisor – in other words being a pain in the ass. Are you one of those customers who looks for any little thing wrong with their dinner and immediately demand to talk to the supervisor? Pointing out to us that they suggested you do this all the time and that isn’t true really doesn’t matter. The fact that you don’t technically do it “all the time” is irrelevant, they are not testifying to this as fact, it is more casual conversation between them. If my child throws a tantrum every now and then and one day they are throwing a tantrum, I might be inclined to say they do this “all the time” I don’t mean they literally ALWAYS throw tantrums, but my perception is that this is a problem for them. The important thing to note is that the police have seen you do this enough and know that it’s a part of some game you play. How fast did you ask for that supervisor and why?

        I also see issues with your fear about their text messages. If I have a headlight out I am required to fix it or not drive at night. There are no excuses. They can ticket me for that every day if I fail to fix that issue. What i see is someone fed up with someone who is playing games and making their jobs more difficult and as a result they are simply stating that if you are seen not doing what they have asked you to do that they certainly aren’t going to be giving you and breaks. Seems fair enough to me.

        Honestly I wonder what it would be like if you actually tried to be a decent person to them. You might be surprised. Nobody likes getting pulled over, nobody likes getting a ticket, nobody likes feeling “picked on” but the times I’ve been stopped it wasn’t for some fabricated or trumped up reason… and honestly out of those times I’ve been let off with a warning because I was civil and polite and acknowledged what I did and understood what they were doing (their jobs!) … did I like getting ticketed for 10 over? No.. but did I cry over the fact that other cars around me were going as fast or faster and say I was singled out and being oppressed? Nope. You just come off looking quite pathetic.

  • harry

    SInce you have charges against you and need to defend yourself, can’t you just subpoena the records instead of paying for a FOIA request?

    • I already dealt with the charges. I mentioned it near the top of the story.

  • J.D.

    Next time, don’t do an FOIA. Do a request for discoverable evidence. They can’t charge you for materials they are required by law to disclose. Only do an FOIA if they are withholding evidence.

    • Brent Ryan Thornton

      Also pitchess motions will get you all the records of disciplinary actions and complaints against the officer. They HATE getting hit up for pitchess motions and 9-10 times will drop charges to avoid giving up their personal information

      • Red Hanrahan

        A Pitchess Motion is California law and not applicable here, given the fact pattern, or under Virginia law.

  • Guess what, Troopers of Virginia, you’re fay-moose!

    Suggestion: If you don’t know if someone has a gun, or has a bad day AND a gun, probably not the best idea to be walking up and opening someone’s car door and reaching in the car, ya know what I’m saying? Safety first!

    Greetings from Northern Idaho, Virginia State Troopers.

    • Richard

      I agree with this. She went about the whole stop unprofessional and without any safety in mind.

  • Look at it from the LEO’s perspective, in today’s world a cell phone/smart phone is a weapon. Not a “gun” per say, but can be used as a weapon against them when you are recording them! That being said, it became about establishing authority over you once she knew it was a phone. If a LEO sees you digging around your car while being pulled over they are trained to be suspicious & rightfully so. You could be hiding something or grabbing a weapon. Once it was established you were unarmed and you’re separated from the interior of your car, where there may be a weapon, then it became more about making you submit to her “authority”! To me she was pretty foolish rushing up, opening your door & getting right in your face demanding you exit the car. If you were grabbing a gun, she just left herself very vulnerable to being shot. So her actions don’t line up with her words or else she needs retrained on how to approach a car if you suspect a weapon is in it!

    LEO’s need to do several things if they want our trust. First is stop covering for the bad ones, the abusive ones, the ones that we do see on YouTube at an increasing amount. Police themselves first and do what you supposedly signed up to do, serve and protect! Second, they can make sure they are aware of our Constitutional rights and respect those rights! Third is treat us with the respect due us. Fourth is understand because the first three points I just stated are not being done & daily we are seeing more & more police abuse, we no longer trust or respect you bc we never know when we are being pulled over by a good LEO or a bad LEO!

    LEO’s need to understand that they are to serve & protect US, not the corporations, not the NWO, the UN or the local power structure! If they continue to abuse their power or follow unlawful orders, the criminals in charge will eventually turn on them out of fear for their power being taken away by them. The NWO seeks to enslave & destroy us all. They detest us, including the LEO’s & fear the LEO’s, especially the good ones. The bad ones will be used for destructive purposes, then those they serve will turn on them. I hope the LEO’s wake up & choose to clean house & choose to stand on the side of freedom & righteousness before its too late. Last time I checked, they & their families are being fed GMO food & fluoridated water also, so one way or another, we are in the same boat & we the people could sure use the LEOs to be for us & not against us 🙂

    • Big Boy

      There are weapons that apperar to be phones, she did the best she could with the situation I would have got the driver out and place him in investigative detintion at that time for the fact of saftey he would have been cuffed if he did not want to comply with my commands (Saftey Issue)If he wanted to take it further then it would have been on him to cause himself more trouble.

      • Todd

        There are about as many good cops as there are weapons that appear to be phones. Almost as rare as fucking leprechauns and unicorns. Your comment here shows that you aren’t one of them. Go have another cheeseburger scumbag.

  • EMF

    I was attending engineering classes at community college. We shared the small building with law enforcement trainees. They are taught this behavior. We heard them role-playing many scenerios with them being the violent ones. Had to close our doors many times to hear our instructor. So, sending her back to re-training isn’t the answer. Maybe rewrite the training manuals.

  • Great job Nathan. keep up the good work..

    • Mark Brooks

      Great job at what? Being an idiot?? Couldn’t agree more…

      • Brenda

        WTG you are such an idiot. Do you not realize police have a hard enough job without you trying to antagonize them while they are out there. It takes somebody special to be a police officer and believe me I think she did a great job holding her cool with you. Me um I understand why I am not a police officer. Get a life. Why dont you go after child molesters, drunk drivers, dog abusers??? Do something constructive with your life and make your parents proud, instead of taking years off their lives..

  • If someone scores too high on an exam, they are passed over if there are other applicants from which to choose. They do not want intelligent free thinkers. They just need to be smart enough to follow orders. I’m sure it’s very tempting to go on a power trip. Their ego takes control and they no longer think objectively. I have been highly impressed by some officers, but appalled at others. They are trained to think of it as “their highway,” or “their town,” and everything becomes personal after that.

    Training needs to be improved… but, will it?
    Remain civil and keep up the effort.

  • Kristi Hunny Bunny

    I want to know if I can request this type of information from an Illinois State Trooper who put drugs in my vehicle??!! Can anyone help or know anyone in the Chicago land area that can assist me with a bogus arrest when I was 7 months pregnant!? PLEASE! This arrest happened in 2008 and it still bothers me every single day of my life and I want actions to be done!

    • Kristi Hunny Bunny

      I was pulled over for “obstruction of view”. Everything was thrown out in court but I feel the State Trooper should be held accountable for detaining an innocent pregnant woman! A judge believed me in court and dismissed traffic violations and the drug charge!

      • Dale Meyer

        Come on! Let me wrap my mind around this. You were pregnant and innocent? Before stopping you for having an obstructed view how was the trooper to know anything about you? If you had an obstructed view you should have been stopped. Besides, I’ve never met a woman who was pregnant AND innocent. Hunny Bunny, the whole world is NOT about you and your rights! First, it’s about everyone else. THEN, it might be about you, maybe. Again, like the person who started all this by detaining four Virginia State Troopers, you probably grew up without enough parental discipline.

        • Anti Cop

          Dale Meyer on November 5, 2012 at 10:38 pm..

          You sound like another one of those who think “Cops Can Do NO Wrong!” Why not go some other place and spout your nonsense.

          Anti Cop

        • M

          Nice try, cop.

        • James

          You are either one of those ignorant retarded cops, or a complete and UTTER MORON. To say it is not about a persons rights, but about everyone elses..???? You can’t make an excuse for everyone elses rights while dismissing another persons. Seriously, Get bent!

  • Steve H.

    In this case, the leo has the right to get you out of the car, pat you down for weapons, handcuff you and make you sit on the side of the highway because of your actions and ridiculous street lawyer rantings.

    Plus the decal on your rear window can get you pulled over anywhere because it is obstructing your vision. Better to have the smart phone on but resting on the console or passenger seat, it will still record the audio and her camera will record the video, in this case it recorded both. You probably wouldn’t have gotten any tickets if you hadn’t have acted like a complete fool.

    • BetterPointOfView

      I agree. Were I in the shoes of this Trooper I would have pulled you from the car as well because of your delay in pulling over and your abnormal movements. Better to be safe and go home to your family than risk being shot in the face by a seated driver with who knows what. Then you start spouting stupid things like your military service which has no bearing on the risk your current behavior presented. Add to that your ignorance of stealth weapons, like a stun gun that looks like a cell phone, and this video just validates what a tool you really are. I have been stopped many times and rarely get a ticket because I treat each officer with respect until they deserve to be treated differently. I can guarantee that if you needed help you would not hesitate to call 911….and they would not hesitate to respond.

    • MM8

      If a cop can’t tell a cell phone from a weapon, is she actually quallified to pat someone down for a weapon?

      • codeblue

        You would be amazed at the ingenious types of weapons on the street that can kill you but look totally innocent and there are new ones being created consistently!

  • Phone: (804) 674-2000 Call and ask if Trooper McKenney has been disciplined ….

  • Mack

    Bonehead cop of the year goes to Trooper McKenney. Lying about a phone being a gun to keep from getting recorded is not a very good quality to have if your job is to uphold the law. Making up reasons to write tickets (loud muffler) is not a good quality if your job is to uphold the law. Lecturing someone and making rude gestures toward them is extremely disrespectful to adults, especially if you are supposed to be a professional peace keeper. You might want to consider another line of work, like elementary school teacher. You can lecture bad little boys and girls all you want in that line of work.

  • Heidi

    Thank you. I wish there were more people like you in every state.

  • Ken

    This reminds me of the “Pull over!” scene in Super Troopers.

    “Please step out of the vehicle. Now I’m going to have to cite you with being a pedestrian on the highway.”

  • Ed

    I see nothing illegal or any rights that have been violated. Yes she can order you out of the car. Yes she can demand you leave all your personal items alone. Yes there are fake cell phones that are working guns (look it up). And yes when you are told to leave you must. You may not stand on the interstate and take photos. I think she did a good job. I just wonder why she didn’t cuff you until the stop was over?

    • She violated my 4th amendment rights when she trespassed against my property (both my person and my cell phone).
      She also violated my 1st amendment rights by now allowing me to record her (See GLIK decision – all referenced in the article)

      • BetterPointOfView

        That pig don’t fly. Her right to safety trumps your right to be a wimp about your cell phone. You can wave the 1st and 4th amendments around but any reasonable person who looks at the dash camera video you posted and see you are crying wolf. She did nothing more than try and get you contained while ensuring her sarety so she could cite you for YOUR VIOLATIONS. Trespassed on your cell phone and your person? Really? Give me a break. How about holding your complaints until you have had your head cracked by a REAL bad cop.

        • NotReally

          Incorrect. She gives up her “right” to safety when she becomes a police officer. It’s why she’s given a gun and not a bubble wand. Also, as others pointed out here that had this been an altercation with someone who was intent on causing her harm, she would likely be dead.

      • This is a video of the problem with america, jackasses. If I were the cop I would have pulled him over with tazer pulled and forced him out told him to lie on ground cuffed his ass. Then started asking questions. I sooooo wish we could actually beat the living tar out of people like this.

        • hahayoudmakeagoodcop

          MMm yeah, gimme some of that violence. You’re part of the problem, Joe.

          Not saying the OP is right, but I’d hope for your sake they don’t legalize “beating the tar” out of dumbasses – I’d wager you’d be up there on the list.

          Piss off, will ya?

        • newguy

          You are a smart-ass.

        • BIG E


      • T2

        Well I’m no cop and a retired military member, but the actions you took cause your rights to be violated. I think she done what your actions required. If you had not been such a problem from the start most of your rights would not have been violated. Second she also has the same rights as you. If she doesn’t want to be recorded then you should honor those rigths. So in the video how many of her ammendment rights did you violate.
        Granted there are a few bad cops out there but you made the whole stop difficult. It even looked as you were trying to trap an officer for your website. If you had not been such a jerk the other officers would not have had to respond to the scene.
        I’m with code blue when comes to hand held items anything can become a weapon very easily and all the info to make them is all over the web.
        As far as the whole show I believe you just wanted the attention you recieved.

        • BIG E

          T2…….YOU THE MAN! WELL SAID!

          • Jeff

            As a public servant, on a public roadways, she gives up an expectation of privacy. Not even a private citizen has a right privacy in a public place. And certainly not a government agent.

    • Bub

      Ed I’m glad to see someone who actually has a clue. There are 4 shot 22 caliber pistols that are made to look like a cell phone. It seems to me that if you spend your entire life trying to piss off the cops it should not be a surprise when they treat you like shit. That being said I don’t think they really did anything to violate your rights. Now I think it would have been reasonable for the Trooper to examine the phone, confirm it was not a weapon, and then return it. But overall a pretty good stop.

      • JS

        Bub, neither you nor Ed have anything resembling a clue, any more than his phone resembles a cell phone gun. As you are clueless, I will enlighten you. The cell phone gun is based on a last generation phone with a stick antenna (which as you might imagine, were you not a bit of a moron), serves to disguise the barrel of the weapon. These guns are also quite heavy, and are non-functional. Thus, no phone that lacks an antenna or is a working phone is also a cell phone gun; there are no such things. Furthermore, these phones have only been discovered in Europe in the position of serious mafia – Eastern European gangs – sophisticated armor. It would not just be idiotic but unreasonable to think that an American guy, clean cut, in shorts, holding a working phone , is actually wielding a cell phone gun. Unfortunately most cops are in fact idiots themselves, so maybe they do really believe the drivel that they repeat.

      • mostcopsaredumb

        Do you cop trolls think we’re stupid? It has been demonstrated through the officer’s texts that she was well aware of the phone being a phone. She was lying about the potential of it being a gun so she could prevent him from recording her. She behaved unprofessionally. There wasn’t a reason on earth to open his door, demand he step out, to touch him or his property. She’s a childish, dumb cop that needs to be reprimanded. If she is an accurate representation of her workplace, then it needs to be reformed. I am disgusted by her lack of professionalism. Texting about this to her little cop buddies is even more childish. I didn’t know they were hiring middle schoolers these days.

    • markp

      You seem to have a dog like obedience to authority. And you appear to be be one ignorant fool. the cop has to have reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed or about to be committed. She absolutely had no right to touch his vehicle much less open the door. That was her first mistake. After she violated his 4th amendment rights everything she did after that was mute.

      Go back and read the constitution and the bill of rights since you completely lack any knowledge of it. When you are done, ask your master if you can go outside and take a poop. When you come back in, lick clean the boots of the thugs you admire so much.

      • frogballs

        When you are detained on the side of the road by a LEO, the smartest thing you can do is place your hands on your steering wheel where the LEO can clearly see them. Don’t start reaching into your console, because they have no idea if you are reaching for your insurance card or a gun. As soon as the move was made for the console, the trooper had more than enough “reasonable suspicion”.

        • mostcopsaredumb


  • Ayrborneveteran

    You are all about of convicts with nothing better to do with your time. Grow up. You can clearly see that as soon as he was pulled over he was combative that shows you something is up. Stop being such A-holes to the cops and stop trying to get pulled over so you can film it….

  • Ed

    Thanks Bub. While there are plenty of other videos that show cops abusing power etc. this is not one of them…

  • Danno

    Speaking from the perspective of a law enforcement officer…Overzealous trooper. Overzealous motorist. Could’ve, Should’ve, and Would’ve set aside: First, if I suspected eminent danger, I would proceed slowly and cautiously to the vehicle. Moreover, the motorist would be instructed to exit the vehicle while I am standing at a safe distance to react. As well, he would be patted down to check for weapons. Everything being copacetic from that point, every effort would have been made to calm him down. If he didn’t comply, ultimately he’d be in handcuffs.

    On to the motorist, CHILL OUT! You have the right to remain silent…exercise it. Furthermore, acting calmly and pursuing your claims in the appropriate forum will help you gain credibility and further support your plight. Instead, you chose to be reactive and become a party to her waltz of worry on the side of the road. In other jurisdictions you would be injured or given more citations for failure to comply with a lawful order of a peace officer at the very least.

    In future endeavors, good luck!

  • Offended Veteran

    Dude, honestly if you were an ARMY vet like you swore on this video several times that you were, y ou would have learned respect for authority and to obey lawful orders. And FYI, there has been several documented cases of cellphones that are actually tasers and firearms in the USA not to mention the IPHONE cases they sell openly on the market now that are also built in tasers. So this officer was well within her right to have you step out of the vehicle for suspicious actions and movements within the vehicle during a traffic stop. I think if you took a (non asshole) approach and was actually respectful, the whole process would have been a hell of alot smoother and a lot less painful for you. Most of these cops would have let you explain the situation with your tag and might have been sympathetic to that when you showed them the paperwork you claimed you have. In the audio on your foia from her dashcam, the computer stated that you had a concealed carry permit which in any case is cause to have you step out of teh vehcile for her safety. She was well within the law and her right all out. Quite frankly if I was the officer that stopper you, it wouldnt have gotten that far, I would have charged you with disorderly conduct and took you to jail, on top of citing you for your violations. But on the other hand if you were respectful and not standoffish and threatening like you were, I probably would have given you a warning and let things slide especially on your tag that you stated in the video you had documentation on. In my opinion you running around screaming that you are an ARMY veteran to back off of you, is a threat in itself and quite frankly it disgusts me that a veteran doesnt have respect for a proper authority and acts this way. I am not saying all cops are good and not all are bad. But from where I sit she did everything by the book. And who gives a shit what the text messages she was receiving said. You claim you were in the military so you should know what job related humor is, unless you were the ARMY janitor..

    • JS

      No, there are no documented cases of cell phone guns in the US, and as I explained to your dimwitted cousins Bub and Ed, they rely on last generation phone styles that have an antenna and are bulky, high profile phones, not iphone/thin phones.

    • Richard

      Since when can a officer of the law give ‘lawful orders’? They can’t just make this stuff up as they go along.

    • mostcopsaredumb

      It’s only lawful to request he leave his vehicle. It is also lawful for him to deny that request if the officer does not have probable cause. She had no right to open the door, to touch him or his property or take his items away. You are so fucking wrong.

  • Michael Bishop

    Mr. Cox you seriously need to step back into reality. First if you are a ARMY veteran then you should know the stress of wearing a uniform and being a small number against many. Furthermore if you are a veteran then you should act as such for example profesional and discplined. In your writing you say that you where driving and talking on your cell phone that action is illegal, Second your inspection sticker was expired and you had not front liscense plate. If you are going to comlian that the law is abusing power dont be breaking the law. Mr. Cox you wanted to see a victim, you broke traffic laws their is no victim. You want to talk about weapons I understand your phone was not a weapon, how is the trooper to know that. A company in Blacksburg makes flashlight guns in 380 and 410 shotgun. Also some phones are tasers and pepper spray and even guns or knives. As a veteran you should remeber with the proper training almost anything can be a lethal weapon when used in the right way. In closing your got your summons and where told your free to go then you wanted to stand and take pictures or film that was not obey a police officer. Final thought the only victim hear is your dignity for having no discpline and the fact that 4 troopers had to burn almost 30 mins dealing with you.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Michael, while I agree w/most of your statement; you should check the accuracy first. It is NOT illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving in VA UNLESS you’re under 18. She knew it was a cellphone as she stated so several times and even admitted to her colleagues that she didn’t want to end up on youtube. However, that should have been handled better (by BOTH). Cox was responsible, at least in part, by his demeanor AND IF she truly was concerned about possibilities of a weapon in the car; she was a fool for rushing up to the car as she did. Makes me wonder if she was that concerned or simply used that as an excuse. Overall, this entire stop should have, and could have been conducted in a much more professional manner — BY BOTH.. I completely agree with holding all LEO accountable (by filming everything), but it should be done with much more professionalism. I have personally filmed LEO’s conducting their business and did it very well. On the otherhand, there are some complete ‘bullies’ out there wearing badges that must be exposed & removed from the force.

  • Dale Meyer

    Boo! to Va. CopBlock!! This is harassment of and hindrance of police officers who have a job to do. For the 30 minutes you detained at least four police officers who knows how many speeders, drug traffickers, or illegal aliens were allowed free passage? Give the police a break and stop setting them up with your foolish civil disobedience! I am Navy veteran, NRA, concealed carry and all that and I don’t think it is right to hinder the efficient operation of a police force that has a really tough job to do!

    • Bleu

      u people are idiots,its HIS fault that 4 cops decided to waste time and taxpayer money on babysitting a nonagressive individual who sought to pretect and preserve his LEGAL rights? it was obvious the police had no interest in doing it,their sworn DUTY that is (protect and serve) you’ll also note the requested supervisor couldnt even be bothered to get up from his/her desk.i can only state my opinion of course,but when i view the video and accompanying info they CHARGED him for (so much for the “freedom” of information,eh?) i can honestly i see wrong from square one,as was stated she had no logical excuse or business to mob up on his car like she did,besides the obvious one: she was attempting to instigate a confrontation intentionally. police do it all the time,they arent here to protect or serve anyone,theyre here to “invent” a criminal by any means possible,with the likely reason being that even their supervisors and instructors recognize their glaring ineptitude for observation and deduction. furthermore she really needed 3 male cops as backup after she full on physically assaulted him solo,right? (and before u jackasses start,yes by the current legal definition in this country and this state specifically,any unsolicited undesired physical contact is an assault)

      just because u r police u have no right whatsoever to disobey/disregard laws urselves,or to “cherry-pick” the ones that suit ur agenda of the moment. so continuing on she assaulted him physically,more than once,she assaulted his property, the male officer mentioned did violate the law attempting to perform illegal search and seizure (if i “attempt” to steal something its still a crime and i still face a severe penalty)
      and as to disrupting “efficient operation” of a police force? my lord yes,let us not squander their precious time (on shift no less) to write heckling and slanderous txts back and forth to each other about us after they pull us over and detain us against our will so they have someone to pick on and make them small selves feel better with their “gestapo”antics. Dale you sir are a joke,as is everyone who sees with not one but two good eyes,and still writes in defense of the sanctioned gang members present in this video….

  • Dale Meyer

    One more thing from “Navy veteran, NRA, concealed carry, and all that”: Guess what? This world is NOT all about you and your rights! Civil society demands respect for authority, and I did not see authority do anything that diminished their right to respect in this FOIA video. If anything I saw professionalism in dealing with a disrespectful and undeserving citizen. You do not have the right to troll the highways with a ” missing” front license plate just to lure a police officer into a trap! In my opinion you got too few lickings as a kid from your parents!

    • mostcopsaredumb

      You’re a dumb ass. Citizens have inalienable me rights laid out in the constitution and bill of rights. Police swear an oath to uphold those. Whether he deserves them or not is not up to you. The officer wasted time. Instead of asking for identification and citing him, she pulled him out of the car and caused a ruckus. She wanted trouble. Government is for the peopl. It’s not God.

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  • Gotur28now.

    You are a punk.

  • Kevin Hall

    Lairs? VA does not have a hot weather, “it was 100+ degrees that day.” I am not sure who’s lying. When you exaggerate a situation you actually weaken your point!

  • bob

    to bad you weren’t in Russia where they could kick your smart ass mouth.

    • NotReally

      Too bad you’re not in Russia now where they throw the mentally challenged into the Gulag.

    • mostcopsaredumb

      Yeah Russia, where everything sucks and everyone is poor. You’re dumb as shit.

  • You get what you give

    Nathan, therei s no disputing you’re a complete cocksucker.

  • jason

    you need to get a mini camera that you can clip to your shirt. I have the MUVI mini DV and it works great for this. same type of cameras the pigs use in the few places they have personal recorders.

  • Dumbo

    Here’s a clue: Put your plates on properly and you won’t have to deal with BS like this.

  • Ozone

    I have no problem with the law 1st off .. I like to think out side of the box i can see why the guy would want to video same reason the police do .. she seen cop block and had a hard on for him .. i’v seen by standers stop and help a cop in need some really good cops out there some really bad ones to ..and some really bad ppl but not all of us need to be treated like dirt right off the bat we are already getting raped when we get pulled over ..

  • Mark B

    This guy has way too much time on his hands. Should have been arrested for failure to obey a lawful order.

    • fdisjfd

      She did’t give any lawful orders.. He was completely within his rights and she was just a dumb cunt trying to prove a point.

  • tristen

    If this guy was not driving around looking to get into trouble to start trouble, he may have a little credibility. However, he does look for trouble to attempt to taunt the police and then cries about it. try acting normal and not a blue light lawyer and see how your traffic stop goes. The fact you have more than one incident tells me the police are right to treat you differently, everything you do is to provoke the police. I have been pulled over, have a CCP and NEVER been treated like you. I give them respect and I get respect. try it some time.

  • tomr

    An Iraq war vet and a dick-head. Dangerous combo.

  • Bob

    So the cop doesn’t know the difference between a smart phone & a gun??

    Next time someone pulls a gun on her, she’ll probably pose & smile for the camera LOL!!!

    Cops over there are very arrogant aren’t they?? So what right does she (any cop) have in opening a door & telling the driver to get out. Silly bitch needs to be re-trained on how to approach someone & not incite crap by her own poor attitude to people.

  • BILL

    Dude.. you’re obviously a fkn tool bag. Congratulations, you have rights… like the right to be a fucking douche bag

  • Mike

    You guys are a joke

  • Frank Reynolds

    Gee, having the required front license plate the REST of US have would have avoided this whole situation.

  • erik de wit

    I expect you to remove this message very quickly because it is not a message to benefit your narrow minded vision/website.
    Prove me otherwise leave this message online.

    Here goes:

    Somebody has to say it, and i am sorry that i am “that” guy.

    This is why people around the world think all Americans are stupid, like this guy they see a cop and immediately think and shout “police harassment” just because they think they know their “constitutional rights”.
    You who are so aware of his rights did seem to forget that you are by law required to have a front license plate on (not in) your car in that area.

    This officer asked you to please get out of the car because she wanted to get off the road, haven’t you seen all those video’s where police officers get run over when performing roadside stops?
    I see no over reaction here, maybe yours, clinging for dear life to “your constitutional rights”. Next time just step out answer a few questions an be on your way with a ticket for in this case the license plate issue.

    Also if a cop asks to put down something that your are holding because it could be a weapon you should put it down. Even it is just a mobile phone, battery charger, wallet, twig or anything else for that matter. Then your attempt to get some respect by mentioning that you are a US Army Veteran (don’t get me wrong i am a huge fan of veterans world wide putting their lives on the line for for (my) freedom, I thank you for that) only enforces the reasons for the police officer to ask to put down anything you have in your hands. It could be USED as weapon.

    Then around 7:30 your explanation about how and why your license plate is not on your car. Somebody bumped into you and it fell of? OK reasonable explanation but then I laughed. You say that you haven’t come to fixing it because you lost your job. Losing your job implies that you have nowhere to go to work and should have enough time on your hands to fix that, but it seems that you are to busy trying to get police to harass you.

    To all people saying see here your tax dollars at work, keep in mind that this guy intentionally seeks out these situations. Why would he otherwise have this special site. These tax dollars could have been spend much more use full matters is this guy.

    To your question why there are so many troopers on the road today(date of video). Here is your answer. They where put on that particular road that day a specially to annoy you.

    Greetings from The Netherlands
    Erik de Wit

  • RedlegMP

    You should be ashamed of yourself stating that you are ARMY, you must have issues with your Senior NCO’s and Command Officer’s, because you seem to have an authority issue, and need to be kicked out. When an order is given to you, you listen and respect those commands given to you. Guess you might be one of those admin personnel that couldn’t get into a real MOS. As soon as you would have disobeyed me when I give you a command to step out of your car because you were doing messing around with whatever in your front seat, and you preceded to argue with me and not comply like you did at first, so cut your BS on stating that you complied, you would have ate the asphalt, glad I don’t have you under me in a squad, you would be in the front lean and rest all day.

  • It’s rather a wonderful and also valuable item of information. Now i am happy which you simply shared this useful details about. Remember to stop us current such as this. Appreciate giving.

  • Andrew

    OMG….How much time do you have in your life to waste on this?

  • Greg

    Cellphones can be disguised guns…though not very accurate at any distance beyond 5 feet, you were certainly close enough for her to have a legitimate concern about the phone, especially when you refused to lay the phone down.

    Not sure why she asked you to step from the car, but Supreme Court rulings have made it clear that during traffic stops the police have the authority to control the movements of all persons within a vehicle for their safety. If you don’t want to be stopped, the correct the violations you keep getting pulled over for. The only reason you seem to not correct the problem is so you can generate confrontations with law enforcement, and then you whine about having that contact.

    You should have been arrested, she showed you much more patience than I would have.

    As for the Trooper looking around your car, you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy from plain view observations. As long as the police have a legal right to be where they are (which in this instance they clearly did) they can look through your windows as much as they want. It is true that they may not enter your car to search it without a search warrant or without probable cause, which is why they did not enter the car to search – they did not see anything that provided them with probable cause and they did not have a search warrant. Your private property rights were 100% respected.

    You complain about the police knowing who you are, but then create a site like this to be “popular” for your opposition to police officers. You have every right to express yourself and speak out against what you disagree with, just as the police have a right to act in reasonable ways to keep themselves safe on traffic stops.

  • llaenoz

    I can’t comment on whether or not the officer’s behaviour was legal or violated anyone’s rights or not. The problem is that the laws need to be changed to allow the officer to take command of the situation for her safety and the safety of others. The problem is that he should have been placed in cuffs, and he should have been charged for failing to comply with an officers orders. And no he should not be able to handle a cell phone or any other object. It’s time we toughen the laws.
    I can’t imagine a worse job than having to deal with people like that every day.

  • James Flivk

    Great job! Nathan you were uncooperative, belligerent, and argumentative . Essesiantialy a jerk!
    keep up the good work,. Oh sorry you are out of work and have nothing better to do but bait police officers,

  • Joshua K

    Hi Nathan,

    I ran into a sticky situation with Cross County PD yesterday (right outside of NYC).

    I want to FOIA for dash cam footage, to prove they searched me when I did not consent, as well as had an illegal overall stop. To top things off I had a gun pulled on me for asking the peace officer for a business card.

    Please feel free to send over a template, or the exact FOI you used for this case. I’d love to hold the officers responsible for their actions, and share on the copblock community my experience.

    In Love & Light,


    • We have a template on our website. You may have to scroll down and look at older entries, but it’s on there. Or you can Google it. “Virginia Cop Block FOIA Template”

  • Mister Science

    READ…READ…READ, signed (not hiding) by Law Enforcement.

    1. (Your Fault)
    You look for trouble then struggle and bitch about the cost of getting out of your legal penalties.

    You deserved to be pulled over. Deal with THAT part. It’s a quick fix.

    Delete it from your videos. It’s invalid, uninteresting information and frankly, your excuse makes you loose credibility.

    You seek sympathy, support and understanding of your views, right ? Don’t show up to a state or municipal agency in shorts and flip flops.

    2.) (Your Fault)
    You lost your job. O.K. but you can afford/maintain and run a Smart Phone/pay car bills but can’t attach 2 screws for a required plate ?

    Because you’ve proven your ignorance; Plates + Correct Speed Limit equals drive-by any amount of squad cars. Even for a prick like you.
    Ever heard of “Just Cause”? They need it but you want to VLOG so you blame the screws on your job loss and provoke the police.
    School is tough, is that why your Grandparents pulled you out at the 4th grade ?

    3.) (Your Fault)
    You claim association with an aggressive org. that again, gives it’s Members (you are NOT one of those) or like you, a site viewer (you)…only the most basic of info.

    What are the laws of YOUR State. Instead of blowing $80 on State or Municipal toilet paper, write your Congressperson. For an idiot like you…your State Rep., NOT your Federal Congressperson.

    They have paid staff, Interns and do-gooder volunteers just waiting for stupid questions to answer and they include appropriate State Statute.
    FOR FREE ! You have to WRITE them…and wait for a reply that will come.
    Send several letters about each concern. Regional State offices don’t understand “complex” Write at your 4th grade level, you’ll be fine.

    Your too busy with porn to look up AND PRINT OUT specific State Statute that applies to your complaints. Sadly…OBVIOUSLY.

    Pull any letter of those from your Congressperson , after you comply with the officer/trooper request for vehicle and driver info. That is required nationally.
    Maybe this time, 1 out of 5, your off your meds. They have no idea.
    They are ready to empty a clip on each traffic stop.

    4.) Your Fault
    You never ONCE asked for a supervisor.

    Supervisors do know your rights and are aware the cameras and mic’s are on…so they are wiser, kinder and don’t want to spend more than 1 minute with an uneducated driver. They don’t have the “Pull Over Adrenalin” running either. Everyone knows…no stripes or bars on the collar…likely an under trained officer/trooper.

    Initial stop officers/troopers are focused on 2 things. Do I have a lawful right to pull this driver over and then they are focused on going home to their families ?

    5.(Your Fault)
    Wait a minute to raise a device and video record.

    No officer/trooper wants to approach a traffic violator (you) when the 1st thing they see is a device pointed at their face.

    Harmless cellphone ?

    Ask ANY battered woman, wife, Mom or child that suffers domestic abuse. It hurts MORE to be hit in the face or temple with a solid device.

    I have quick joke that applies to you, try and be patient.

    Question; “Why does your wife always look beat-up ?
    Your Answer; “Because she won’t fucking listen”.

    6.) (Your Fault)
    On the recording you made…you missed a lesson. (No surprise) You’ve made yourself known locally, what did you think you were going to get…slack ? (awwww, shucks…it’s just a front vehicle plate and he’s been so nice in the past)

    Walk into a police station/trooper barracks (you’ll need to do both) during Roll Call and donate $50 (that’s $30 less than you wasted on paperwork you’ll never use) to the, (name a local need)…safety belts for cross walkers @ schools, etc. Police posters. You don’t know their needs. Everyone calls them and says, “Help !”, or, “I need an officer” or, “What are you going to do about”…(fill in the local blank) ?

    Find one of your haters, offer to donate in their name, to a charity of their choice. Clear it with at least a Lt. first.
    Apologize for the valid violations you’ve paid and fixed and past attitude. (Words but actual sincerity not required).

    THEN you’ll get slack.

    7.(Your Fault)
    Instead of howling widely re: interpreted/misinterpreted Amendment (TITLES) …be specific and prepared. (See item 3.)
    Or pull out an ORIGINAL letter from your Congressperson, you get For FREE, ( again, because your an idiot) write your local district Congressperson…explaining and citing the shit you care about.
    Don’t let the State Congressional letters get more than 6 months old.

    Try to listen here.

    The police/troopers will respect and obey that State Congressional letter. Plus, your so stupid, you’ll probably want the autograph. Congresspersons have to answer reasonable letters of request.

    Synopsis; (That means summary)
    While the officer/trooper was angry, you have a history of local provocation, demanding elemental rights (4th Amendment Man !!) without ANY knowledge of specific State Code. You begin by pointing items at officers/troopers (never heard of the single shot derringer or the sword in a cane) ?
    Even provocateurs like yourself MUST have heard of “middle ground”.

    A.) Fix you fucking car. Keep all your car crap current.
    B.) Know and have original copies of your state statutes you seem to
    care about. Don’t keep them with your Lithium prescription in your
    back pocket.
    C.) Show respect for the badge, not just contempt. They go places alone,
    you wouldn’t go with 6 of your boyfriends.
    D.) Any lawyer will tell you to “shut the fuck up”. Don’t say more than
    necessary during a vehicle stop. No, they don’t have the right to
    know where your going or where you’ve been or to search your
    vehicle without cause. It varies by State if they can search you,
    “For their Safety”. Be nice..or at least decent. Call Supervisor.
    They have life/money, relationship/childcare, danger/training/boss
    concerns too. And yea, they have to go to the bathroom too !
    E.) If it comes to it…insist (nicely) for a Supervisor.
    F.) Leave the U.S. Constitution out of it. Focus on State Statutes
    FIRST.(With the proof you carry in a binder)
    G.) With this information I’ve shared, they’ll ask, “Are you a lawyer”?
    “No, but I’ve studied and I have these current State Statutes to
    show you.” Tell them where they are in your car, ASK to get them.
    Move slowly. Especially during a night pull over.
    public/private property, traffic stops etc. ASK ! ASK ! Document.
    Oh, it’s like a cellphone…can’t do it while driving. National law.

    Isn’t that what all this Bullshit is about ? Video, Freedom.

    You know surprisingly very little, yet you are among the loudest.

    Your VLOG is angry, repetitive, unfocused and isolating.

    I assure you, people want to be anywhere but here.

    I hope you know what that means to you and your wasted years here and out there.

    Don’t put the camera down, just point it somewhere else.

    You don’t sound too intelligent but there is plenty else to do.

    Soon you’ll have to VLOG about butterfly migration in the Southern Hemisphere. Or learn Schwinn bicycle history.
    Wouldn’t that be cool…
    Instead of knowing about vehicle code and video law…pushing up against the law and it’s Frontline, and knowing the answers about the coming, invited, inevitable interaction with flashing lights, your focus isn’t anger but self interests ?

    Oh !! I forgot something VERY important !!

    The most dangerous person in America is a drunk driver…

    The second most dangerous person ?

    A partially trained law enforcement officer. Be safe.

    Wake-up Man. Please. Do something else. It’s a big world fool.

    Jasen McDermatt
    State of California
    Los Angeles Fire Department
    Senior Arson Investigator
    Southern District

    • Alice

      Jasen McDermatt, all I got from your book report above is that you’re an obvious asshole!

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  • emmanuel

    How did THIS loud mouth over overzealous, “I forgot what the differents between a cell phone and a gun was’ get to be a state police, this lady IS a disgrace to the VA state police. and should be kick off the force!, I like our VA state police, the VSP has always had a good reputation with me, actually this is the first time I have ever seen a video of any VA state police stepping over the line like this wannabe supper trooper, go home lady and wash some dishs / plant some flowers or something and leave the Trooper job to the men and women, that can handle their self on the streets, you have no right to sue for any type of money, you lost that right when you made that decision to become a law enforcement office you are a public figure, if you cant stand the heat, then get out the kitchen, I can believe you wasted all of those other troopers time out there on that interstate, to help you on your lousy misjudgement, then have nerve to try to fabricate your judgment to the other troops, “muffles loud” really give me a break, you should be on youtube,

  • dave

    License plate bracket is under $20.

    being a dick to cops is priceless.

  • Tabitha

    This site doesn’t have to make cops look bad. Videotaping is to just show the truth. The officer could have had a more positive approach to being videotaped. She could have used that to her advantage. She clearly states that she knew it is a cell phone and that she does not want to be recorded. Yet being an officer of the law you should know and accept all rights of a citizen. If she would have accepted his right as a citizen to videotape and came across as helpful and took a more positive approach she would not be in this situation. Also for her to be that upset and she seemed to be afraid to be put on YouTube doing her job, shows that she must feel guilty for her actions or she questions herself as to how well she does her job. If you are doing your job right and you are respecting citizens’ rights what is the problem? Anyone can be criticized and everyone can make someone look bad by doing a he said she said, however, videotapes only speak the truth. She could have shown us not every cop is bad. She could have made a good example, but she did not. Police officers could take Nathan’s videos and turn them into a positive, showing people not all police are bad, but between the officers it was clear they only could see the negative. That’s their problem. It has nothing to do with people only thinking about themselves. It has to do with a positive approach to a situation and a negative approach to a situation. Nathan is only showing and making people aware of their rights and how to handle situations. What people need to be thinking about is why are officers having such a negative approach to that?

  • Laura Sisson

    Really? Don’t you have anything else to do…go get a life man. Virginia State Trooper’s are the finest they are. Perhaps if you had not been an ass to begin with, it would of saved everyone alot of time. And what happened to,Yes Officer and No officer, you showed no respect for anyone that was involved. And to think that saying you were an Army Vet. did you really think she was going to say , Oh ok you can go. If you had not been such a hot head maybe things would have been alittle different. Was recording this stop…..such a big deal? Looks to me like maybe you wanted a little attention. And as far as your actions and attitude towards an officer of the law, In my opinion, you were trouble from the start. Did the Army not teach you anything. Maybe you should reinlist and learn some respect because you surley showed none here. I think none of this would of gone down the way it did if you had not been such a total ass. As far as the officer, she did what she thought was best. They are out there to protect us….they have to go with their instinct, sometimes thats all they have and sometimes its a decision they have to make in order not to be harmed themselves. Screw the cell phone video. We all have rights, some times we just like to try to take advantage of them…. I support The Virginia State Police 100%.

    • vegas jack

      Suck some more cop cock!

  • ACopsMother

    I have to be honest here. I see both sides of this issue. HOWEVER, the LEO put the citizen she pulled over on the defensive from the very second she approached him! She opened his car door, which I am 99% sure is illegal and I KNOW it’s dangerous. If she truly believed he had a weapon, why did she not pat him down or put him in cuffs until she was sure he had no weapons? She was speaking in a very loud, condescending, disrespectful manner! Even LEO’s should not expect citizens to treat them with respect if they do not do the same! She was confrontational from the start, which caused this citizen to be confrontational in return. Was she not taught to conduct herself calmly? What happened to professional LEOS? She should have conducted herself differently. I get that she is a woman and that may make her more cautious; but if that had been the case, she should have approached this citizen completely different. She should have approached from behind and asked him to put his hands on the steering wheel and not to reach for anything until she talked to him. Asking him to get out of the car without patting him down or cuffing him, put her at risk in my opinion. She had no right to chase him around the car with him backing up telling her not to touch him. That should have been her first clue that she was approaching him incorrectly.

    In addition, I believe the citizen could have conducted himself differently. He could have been less confrontational, more cooperative, and more respectful. Did she put him on the defensive? Absolutely! Did he push her further? YES.

    We all have our rights and she shouldn’t have tried to stop him from filming, because that instantly makes me think she has something to hide. However, we all must give respect if we want it in return!

  • Chuck

    Police no longer exist to protect and serve. Their first mandate and mission objective is to generate revenue to help sustain their massive numbers. Four cars for a license plate violation, all probably on “Holiday Overtime rate”? The original LEO was in an unmarked car, probably stolen by civil a forfeiture situation. Getting out of vehicles on the shoulder of a busy highway is a lot more risky than a suspected “cell phone weapon”. Welcome to police state USA, you wanted it, you got it!

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  • Ray Brown

    What exactly is the lady saying you said or wrote was defaming. Is the audio of the entire event extant? She can’t very well complain about what you said when she demanded that you not record it for whatever reason. There’s no law that says you can’t publish your perception of what she said or did. The irony is that she will have to use your video or dash cam video to bolster her claim. The proof will be in the pudding of the video. Get it on tape. The question is she just harassing you?

  • BuzzKillington

    Here’s my observations:

    There is a terrible precedent being set when she can claim she thinks anything is a potential weapon, thus allowing her the ability to force you to put down anything she wants with that reasoning. That is a clear loophole to prevent recording. Having said that, the ONLY thing I can see that she did wrong is prevent you from recording. It is especially ridiculous considering she’s the one with a body mic and dashcam. Video keeps everyone honest. No cop should be offended by recording during a stop.

    Now, when I first saw your video and how she aggressively approached your car, immediately asking you to step out, I thought to myself, “What a F***ing uppity b*tch. Typical bully cop with a sh*t attitude.” But then I got to see her dashcam footage that you FOIA’d. That ended up putting everything into perspective. She lit you up LONG before you pulled over. I would be pissed and suspicious, and immediately remove you from your car as well. That was stupid as hell.

    The cellphone video continues with me seeing her as an overbearing b*tch. Again, your own FOIA’d dashcam video quickly changes my mind. From the minute you step out of the car, you shoved your phone so far into her face, you could have started counting how many fillings she has. Now, there’s no way from your cellphone video could we have seen the dinner you ate and movie you watched before deciding to pull over. But the confusion I had to all of her behavior after you started recording and up until the point that they unjustly turned off your camera behind your back, I totally blame on her. She only hurt herself by not allowing you to harmlessly film. Most people will only see your cellphone video (as I did many months/years ago when it made its rounds around the internet), and miss the dashcam video later obtained. She hurt herself on this front. But your behavior in the dashcam footage is very telling.

    As a recently retired active duty vet with a spouse who is still active duty, you embarrass me. As an individual who flies the Gadsden Flag as well as belonging to organizations that fly the Gadsden Flag, you embarrass me. I do NOT understand why you feel the need to point out that you are a US Army Veteran. It is wholly irrelevant to your cop blocking and this traffic stop as a whole. Completely irrelevant. You’re using your veteran status as an attempt to gain character points. You have now hurt other veterans by doing so. Your relation to the Gadsden Flag and the way you behaved here shows how little you actually know about what it represents. You willfully drove around with expired tags and missing a front license plate when one is required in your state. If this was done intentionally to instigate an encounter, I feel sad for you. If not, you only brought it on yourself. You might as well walk around with a half empty heroin-filled needle sticking out of your arm and get uppity when you’re stopped for it.

    I absolutely HATE overzealous bully cops who clearly got a badge to fulfill their dreams of power. I THOUGHT that’s what I was seeing on your cellphone video. Instead, I saw someone who neglected to stop within a reasonable, yet safe amount of time, and then act outraged when they were asked to exit the vehicle. Being pissed for her refusal to allow you to record is fully justifiable. But her reactions to your childish behavior are just as so. You yearn for attention and deliberately initiate conflict to get your dick hard — that I gathered from this single video and not some sort of law enforcement connection. You then tout your veteran status to artificially boost your character, not giving a shit how it makes the rest of us look.

    I am so neutral when it comes to cop encounters, I can easily go either way. Most of the time, I go against the cops as I will forever remember a stop I was dragged into by two cops who are the epitome of the label “Pig,” when I was in high school. Me and two of my teammates were going home after a home varsity game. I was varsity since I was a freshman, so most of my teammates being juniors and seniors were my chauffeurs. We drove by these two pigs sitting in a Chipotle parking lot, just waiting for a mark to screw with. I caught eyes through my back seat window of the driver and I instantly knew they were going to screw with us. Sure enough, they pulled right out like they had a reason to chase us down within a second of seeing us existing on the roadway. We had already reached the major intersection that we were traveling to, and made our left turn before they got both axles onto the main road. Behind us was a random third party car that also made a left. As soon as those two cops hit the intersection and turned left, their lights went on and they ripped it around the car behind us and pulled us over. Their reason? “You crossed over the yellow line.” It was the biggest lie ever, and something requiring vision that defied physics and nature. They would have needed x-ray vision to see through the building on the corner of the intersection, while still allowing definition to see the lines painted on the road. They were nothing but the biggest douchebags this nation has to offer, threatening and screaming at three high school kids tired after a big win. Nothing but accusations of drugs and alcohol were throw around, and any response we gave that didn’t admit to having blow and a dead hooker in the trunk for them to find, was met with screaming and bullying. I was literally yelled at for being 14 years old and not having a drivers license to hand over.

    Anyway, without trying to ramble too long, my point is that I can hate a cop’s unjust actions just as much as the next guy. I can be quite critical of their behavior, but I am also not immune from stupidity on the part of the person they are dealing with. I remain neutral as I hold no ties to law enforcement, without truly being neutral because I lean to the side of individual rights and always think of the way they’re constantly being attacked by our local and federal governments alike. But when I see a blatant douche acting like a douche does, I’ll call it like I see it. I thought the douche in this situation was an overzealous female cop making up for her small stature and lack of balls. Instead, the FOIA requested dashcam footage proved me wrong and showed me some dude looking for an encounter while blatantly driving with expired tags, instigating the immediate hostility that I witnessed, by refusing to stop until he had first taken a trip to Disney World and rode Space Mountain. Your behavior leading up to her ever even approaching your car and then the entire time afterward gave full justification to the way she acted (WITH THE EXCEPTION of refusing to allow you to record on your phone).

    All I really hope to get out of this is for you to stop touting off about your veteran status when you are going to willfully behave like a Grade A douchebag on camera and then post it on the internet for the world to see. If you have no respect for yourself, at least have some for the rest of us who have served and wish to not look like aggressive assholes with short fuses — the very portrayal that you attempt to make of the cops you’re trying to “block.” Many of them have that reputation. We veterans don’t need it, and the Liberal Left is trying hard to paint us with it in this era of anti gun idiots. They want any reason they can to bar veterans from owning guns. Please stop. You being a veteran is completely irrelevant to your police encounters and your website There’s no reason to advertise it.

    • Sman88

      Thanks for the reply cop. I like others have zero respect for assholes like you. May someone put 2 between your eyes!!!!!

      • Jeff

        People like you give CopBlock a bad name, and it is one of the reasons CopBlock doesn’t have the clout and reputation it deserves. You are just an angry malcontent with internet access, and apparently are off your medication.

    • That overly prolific narcissistic tirade is humorous. Step outside of “YOU” and take it “ALL” in. It would cure your case of anal retentiveness.

      • Jeff

        Let me guess, you are 15 years old and mad at mommy and daddy for grounding you from your Xbox, so you come to social media to lash out at people for pointing out facts. The guy was acting like a doucebag, and so are you.

    • Rick Orlandini

      Seems to me they saw his CC permit and that was the reason he was pulled over. Also they knew his affiliation with Cop Block and messed with him because of it. Total power tripping.

    • Alice

      WOW, you are one GIANT asshole! Easy to see that you’re a cop that’s true to the ‘blue wall’ ! That’s all one needs to know instead of reading the book you wrote above. Idiocy at it’s best.

    • Kendra6660

      Forgive me for replying to such an old post, but I had to congratulate someone else for looking at this objectively. Both videos do need to be seen to get a clear picture, as this is making the media round today, luckily both are. I also had the thought of why anyone would drive around with an expired sticker, and missing front plate if it wasn’t for a possible set-up.

      While there does need to be accountability in our police officers, this certainly wasn’t the way to go about it.

    • bob wilson

      Just looked at the video…..he is an asshole, she should have arrested him for interference and resisting.

    • Jeff

      Well said. The only people that could disagree with your observations are biased to the point of stupidity. The guy was in violation of the law, and then he acted like an ass when he got pulled over. All this did was give CopBlock a bad name, just like the morons who post on here wishing people death anytime they side with reason and logic instead of always blaming the cop.

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    • Frankie

      LOL It’s making the rounds in Pol in Australia.
      I’m not for or against, but when someone claims they’re small and weaker made us LOL hard. If you can’t hack it love, leave, as you’re dangerous to your partner(s), maybe that’s why your one up in your car that day. Nothing worse then having to take up slack because they can’t do their job. Safety first.
      Old school.

  • Devin Washington

    Cops are selected for their lower IQ’s. It makes them easier to control. They are truly PIGS.

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  • yellowdogmichael

    (804) 674-2000 Virginia State Police. Please ask for Sgt. Simmons. He is a complete asshole. The cop in the video clearly knows the difference between a cell phone and a gun. She just wants to infringe on this man’s basic rights. Please, let’s flood Sgt. Simmons and the Virginia State Police with calls!

  • RJ Bohigan

    2 things first_ 1.) Motor vehicle law is a business No rights really apply.. You signed them away to have a DL.. You still have rights Best 1 Is to Invoke and ask to leave or if arrest is in effect.. Different if walking.. driving 2.) Two You are talking to many folks That are Police apologists..Your best bet, and i mean this most sincerely.. Invoke and then comply.. But remember silent Means silent You Can speak But The ( Crazy as It may sound You Must invoke again) You can be civil. and Not apologetic.. Nor need to comply with Illegal requests..But You are In dark Territory when driving..and Mind You This On a traffic stop You are In Immunity disadvantage..right from the start) I was 17 and driving In RI on a busy airport road, Ran Over a damn tack or spike and got a flat tire.. Pulled off carefully and got into airport Lot to change the tire..Cop Pulls Up ask Me what I am doing with tire Iron in my hand and rolling the spare tire to the flat..” Bad day huh” he says to me” . I respond.. ah It happens Fix it in a minute and go on my way..He write down my tag and asks for my license.. I grab it out of my wallet, give it to him and change the tire..He comes back give me License and a summons citation..It Reads: Charge ” Riding on a Metal Rim”.. I am Only a kid.. But wow It lit My fuse..I asked him, almost as a reflex.. Are You a fucking idiot or what? Do You Think I set out this morning and drove anywhere with a flat tire..? called Hi every swear word i knew..The realized I still had the tire Iron in My hand.. Only reason It occurred to me was I saw Him Unstrap his pistol..This is 30 Years ago..Today I may have been shot.. somehow I calmed enough to ask: “Can I put this away Now..?” He stood and watched me mulled it over for a moment and said You are Free to go and can pay That ticket By Mail..But I wished a Plane landed on Him right there and then.. LOL $200 Ticket Paid it and moved on..*** I Guess It could be argued I was on Private property , he had No Idea whether i drove it or not… and won a Lousy Battle maybe..
    Now at age 50 and Old and tired.. I have an easy, Fake demeanor for them, Quite civil and Invoke, comply, and Now hand them My Non waiver card ( If appropriate) I Keep them in front of my DL and They all say “Have a safe day officer” at the end with a smiley face..Have Not had Problem driving since.. some of them even get a good laugh.. and give a pass.. Only One stressed Out Nut Job..took any issue.. But Even complied.. He called me a wiseass.. Oh well. I responded: ” I Like to Protect You and me.. Sorry You took That The wrong way” and On My way I went.. No ticket either..
    Be that as it may.. Do as you see fit.. If You like use the suggestions or Not..Maybe go and get Press Credentials They are cheap and and a magnetic sign for Your vehicle.. Just Put VCB Media Vehicle on it.. ” Copblock.. may just give them anger enough to pull you over
    Be more careful. Not afraid.. That Precedent Buzz mentioned is just
    prior to ” I feared for my life” and the Only logical destination That
    statement could lead..
    DMV Law sadly Trumps Civil rights law.. Implied
    consent gives them Your blood if they want it..
    Was the stop legal..
    Yah well maybe.. But expect No Justice from administrative adjudicative
    court systems.. The law does Not exist there.. It is a voluminous code
    That each and every one is guilty of at least sever Infractions of when
    we drive.
    Unless you have a endless funds and a Great Lawyer (
    Because they will throw it all at You) Check out Siobhan Reynolds and
    see what I mean.. I Only recently watched Kelly Thomas Court transcripts
    and video..Wish I had Not.. Serial Killers have More mercy.. he could
    Not breathe, as they beat His Nose and bones clear back into his skull,
    and Brain bled out, Plus tazed His Heart.. It Was Plain Brutal Murder.. I
    can barely post about it..arghhhhh
    So Here is a route that may be
    considered, if you will $200 – $400 and a friend with Hillbilly
    engineering have My vehicles and Home wired and uplinked.. and best of
    all unseen ( solely for the purpose of Monitoring My driving) Of
    course..working on hearing aid cam.. But Have to document with doctor
    and sound is an issue..Put a Mic in a softcollar neckbrace Bad idea It
    Picked up My swallowing and I sound Like darth vader..Again It is a 1 party state and i am recording me..
    fees are Normal I had to pay $50 for a police report I filed when a
    drunk city worker tried to run me down with their vehicle..Paid The $50
    and Got…..No Report on file.. They Kept the $50 too.. LOL.. Give a
    lawyer $100 Bucks and have them file the FOIA.. You can be denied some
    access since Your are a “suspect of a pending matter” we Both Know It is
    Not True.. But That is their out and The cannot will not reveal to
    you.. But by Legal Counsel.. They have a Bit of fear or wonder on what
    to withhold.. You Can get it all In discovery.. But You would have to
    file a federal Civil rights Claim Or In Va.. ( I think) Go through the
    BS of another reporting Investigative committee Of the prosecutor and
    the police and judge..Google the Law on It.. or ask on avvo for Free..
    You may find answers. or even a good lawyer..
    But do not Imagine for
    a second If You Hit Paydirt They will Not take extreme action..Check
    state AG office.. They are Political and may take your issue up if it
    serves their agenda.. since state Police Only Have to report to
    Governor.. Rules change again..
    I do Hope You do not thinking I am
    speaking to you as a teacher.. Just concerned..This “shoot to kill.. on a
    feeling” is way too dangerous to play with. Toss in a smartphone as a
    Gun… 6 cops and bad attitudes and a guy from ” copblock” filming cops
    that could put them in jail..Do Not Back Down Nor stop..Just be super
    careful.. Copblock itself is facing possible attack by LE.. So You may
    as well assume everything You post message write or film is being
    reviewed, and as we speak They are writing New Law To Deal with You, me
    and any other perceived threat..Dump or ban any Post that suggests
    Violence or obstructing officers in any way.. Sadly Civil Right
    Protections are No Longer Prophylactic They are Now difficult to access
    concepts under constant revision with No word to the Public..I
    Understand the anger.. some express and i also Understand Freedom of
    speech…But These are very unsettled times.. There are Police acting
    like members testing the group and other members.. I fear None of that
    as I do NOt condone, support, or allow any comment. That is Not what is
    stated in Copblock Mission and even seek to find Good allies internally
    in the LEO community.. But Never befriend or have any Private
    conversations with them, Very Public and Very ” Open_minded” attitude on
    my part..I see ” hate Or threat” in a thread I am gone feed is cut and
    person blocked from my feed.. really simple. But do as you see fit and I
    would be happy to learn from Your work on this Great Project..

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  • Bob Barnes

    She is lying her ass off. If she thought it was a gun she would have drawn hers. If she really thought that was a gun in his hands, she has no business being a police officer. This whole thing was a pissing match and the lying cop does not like citizens not allowing her to overstep her authority. Fukkin cops better get used to the idea that they cant just say whatever they want and be believed anymore just because they are cops. The police are pissed they are losing their ability to lie whenever they want.

  • Jeff Surprenant

    You should be ashamed of yourself! As veteran my self and retired police officer is it that hard just to comply? If you have an issue after the fact report it. If she is unprofessional and has multiply complaints it will catch up to her, further more no front plate is a violation expired inspection violation! It appears to me you are just one of the guys who looks for problems and that is why another reason this country is screwed up! The younger generation has no respect! As a veteran you need to lead by example and if you were an NCO you know better.. Stop being a child and grow up!

  • SteelRat

    I watched this video and figure out that you young man are very passive aggressive.
    I am not a cop, but if any of my kids acted the way you did to that trooper we would be having a discussion they wouldn’t like.
    What’s even more surprising is you say you were a Veteran, so wore a uniform. Did anyone treat you with the level of disrespect you treated that trooper while you were in uniform?
    Have you thought how the traffic stop would of gone if you had acted like a normal, respectable human being.
    Shame on you.

  • Steve Terry

    This cop did nothing wrong, as any one with any common sense can see from the dashcam you posted. You are immediately causing the officer grief when she’s asking you reasonable demands. You repeatedly interrupt her as she tries to explain why she is taking the actions she is. You intentionally and repeatedly try attract the attention of others to attempt to create a scandal that doesn’t exist. There are bad cops out there. She isn’t one of them. All I see here is someone trying to extort attention and money from the police. All you’re doing is helping to discredit people who have legitimate complaints against the authorities. Way to sabotage your own cause.

  • John Smith

    He was making sudden movements. She has a right to protect herself. After that, he wasn’t complying. He deserved what he got.

  • Treefrog

    Cop should be fired.

  • AJ Ouellette

    You’re obviously a glory hound seeking to get police officers to become abusive. TRUST me if I was a trooper and you evaded a stop for a mile and I saw you moving in the car….you’d get pulled out…..The cell phone I can record you thing….record your sorry ass loser….do what they tell you so you don’t get shot. When you see blue lights pull over in a safe location…..both hands on the wheel…..turn off the car and put the keys on the dash and ask permission to move… fool tired up how many troopers to make your insane video?? RETARD!!!!!!

  • Pat Gulcynski

    JCS gives orders to shot to kill and he will have Indiana courts back you and claim suicide instead of murder by him or his bully squad

  • Cuntz!!!

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    Just to give you the cliff note version regarding VSP now days. They have way more turnover than they use to (both for sworn and none sworn positions), as well as they are drowning in their own red tape (rules and regulations), they also have NG/VITA trying to over charge them for all IT support issues and project that they can and finally allot of the reason their morale is in the shitter is the fact that whenever the governor needs to do budget cuts VSP is one of the first to get looked at, audited and scrutinize for some reason. Thanks and good luck!