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stop-asking-permission“Can you please contact me regarding becoming a member?”

“I was thinking about joining Cop Block but I’m not sure how would I go about doing it…”

“I would like to be a part of your group!”

Those statements are just a few of the many received from individuals who’ve reached out and expressed their interest in getting more involved with Cop Block. Perhaps you are now wondering the same. This page exists to provide an answer, indirect as it may initially seem. You see, Cop Block doesn’t have a membership process per se – it’s more of an idea than an institution.

If you agree that badges don’t grant extra rights and you abstain from actions that initiate force, you’re welcome to consider yourself part of Cop Block. Get involved in whatever capacity is of most interest to you. Use or modify any content, flyers or graphics found on the site – you don’t need to ask permission.

One of the quickest and easiest ways you can help is to spread content that you think sound, whether it be a blog post, videos, podcast, Tweet, or something else. As the ideas are spread from you to those in your network, some will check it out, and some of them may choose to share as well. In the aggregate, this can have a significant, paradigm-shifting impact, one mind at a time. Cop Block content can be found at,,,

If you have a few minutes participate in call floods. Many posts at that document police employee misconduct include the name and contact information for the person who acted in the wrong. Rather than cast blame against an entire agency, responsibility and focus is placed directly the individual who acted. Call them and let them know you don’t approve of their conduct, or ask them questions (something that won’t be done by the corporate media). Since Cop Block is decentralized you’re welcome to say you’re a blogger for the site. If possible, record your call so an objective record of the exchange exists. If you have a smartphone, you can download Call Recorder, or you could place your phone on speakerphone and record with another device. It’s good practice to inform the person who answers that you’re recording – both to underscore the seriousness of the situation, and to protect yourself.

Film the police at every opportunity. If you get stopped in your vehicle, if you’re approached on foot, or if you see someone else stopped, capture the truth of the situation. Your goal is not to introduce hostility, but to disarm – remain calm, cool and collected. If you capture anything that deserves the attention of others, share it. See for more.

Commit to writing one post per month. If you learn of an incident that readers of the site would find relevant take the time to do a write-up and share it via the form at Unfortunately there’s not a lack of such stories but chances are, unless the situation has already been documented on a liberty-oriented outlet, any existing coverage likely just repeats the “official” story without question, and uses words like “the authorities,” which only reinforces the bad idea that there are two classes of people.

You’re also strongly encouraged to connect and collaborate with people in your area. Known police accountability groups are listed at If one exists near to your location send them a message. If there’s not yet a group you can start one – there’s no mandatory protocol to follow, but you may find this page helpful:

If you have specific skills or are active in an entrepreneurial business, help to improve the production value and diversity of content. Create as you feel inspired and see the need! Just a handful of the many unsolicited creations include a 23-second motion graphic we’ve used as a video intro, a kit of organic health care products, embroidered beanies, wallpapers, etc. If you need ideas let us know.

If you more more financial resources than time, feel free to donate to fuel our efforts via

And last but certainly not least, invest in yourself. While it’s important to get the word out, the only thing you are fully in control of is yourself. See for some thought-provoking resources.

Disclaimer of sorts: Just as it’s impossible for a coercive monopoly of self-proclaimed rulers to codify right and wrong, we don’t have the hubris to believe this page exhaustive. Take what you find valuable from this site and learn from others active. Think for yourself and act according to your principles – our efforts will be mutually reinforcing. Together we’re creating a better reality.

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