Virginia Cop Block Founder Nathan Cox Sued by VSP Trooper Melanie McKenney

Warrant in Debt

Warrant in Debt
On March 17, 2014 I was served a “Warrant in Debt”. As you will see in the attached image, I’m being sued for $5,000 by Virginia State Police Trooper Melanie McKenney. Some of you readers may recall that two years ago I was pulled over by Trooper Melanie McKenney during Memorial Day Weekend when the Virginia State Police had many of their Revenue Generating Officers out on the interstates. I had described it as the second most aggressive traffic stop I had ever been involved in. She violated my rights and denied my right to record her by claiming my cell phone could be a gun – however the information and videos given to me through the FOIA Request showed that she knew it wasn’t a gun, in her words, “I don’t want myself on any type of YouTube or whatever.” If you are not aware of this incident and would like to see the article and videos of that incident click here.

So almost two years later VSP Trooper Melanie McKenney is suing me for “Defamation”. That’s all the information I have and that apparently she has provided the courts. Below is a statement from my Attorneys Stephen Lewis and Danielle Lewis. As you’ll noticed it’s directed to local CBS 6 reporter Mark Holmberg who has already expressed in this story.

Press Release

After being pulled over two years ago, I asked the public if anyone else had run-ins with Trooper McKenney and what type of experiences they had. A handful of people replied and said they were in similar situations where she was unprofessional and rude. If you’re reading this and YOU have been pulled over by Trooper Melanie McKenney of the Virginia State Police, please contact Virginia Cop Block!

I am as confused about these allegations as anyone else. My suspicion is that she may be upset that her Dashboard Camera video, along with my cell phone videos, did in-fact make it to You Tube and have accumulated more than a Half a Million views. I will keep the public up to date on this situation.

Coverage about this by NBC12:

  • Pup

    Wow. What a turd. (I hope I don’t get sued for defamation now.)

    Is there any way to counter sue, or at least recover legal expenses incurred as a result of this nuisance/harassment lawsuit.

  • Timothy Hutz

    As per 1st District Federal Court in Glik Vs. Boston, He has EVERY right to video record anyone in public space and the police have NO expectations of privacy in the performance of their duties. This is an intimidation tactic by the cop to harass and cost the defendant money for his lawyer. Federal courts have already ruled this constitutional and by no ways is defamation of character. This will get dropped by court VERY Quickly as there is no burden of proof submitted as required by small claims court in VA. ITS frivolous!!! His attorney should Demur this action!

  • Ray

    This trooper is clearly lying. She knows it’s a phone. She just doesn’t want to be recorded. My take away from this is to remember to lock the door and partially roll the windows. Thanks Nathan for keeping them honest!

  • Panxer

    This doesn’t substantiate a claim, not to mention he’s just under the wire for statute of limitations to expire. He’s got to substantiate damage. I don’t see that here. Fight.

  • Jack Armstrong

    Clear attempt to intimidate and squash our Constitutional rights… I hope you take her to the cleaners!!

  • Joe

    Fuck her Nate. She admitted exactly why she was violating your civil rights, and now shes pissed because she’s looked at and laughed at because she came across as a baggy ass’d bitch who doesn’t belong as a State Trooper. I hope you file a counter suit to go after this bitch.

    Also,…start a go fund me account to help pay for your Lawyer. will get you the required attention you need.

  • MN

    Hah – that bitch apparently hasn’t heard that she has no expectation of privacy while she’s standing on a public freeway.

    Hope you own her ass.

    Fucking oath-breaking pig.

  • Anton Sherwood

    I’m surprised that Lewis’s letter even mentions state immunity. Is he thinking of countersuing for SLAPP or the like, and that she might claim immunity to such a suit? Is there precedent?

  • http://None. Richard P. Zuckerman

    Consider yapping with a lawyer about the prospect of counterclaiming for malicious prosecution, among other torts, and asserting violation of 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 because you might be able to attrack a civil rights lawyer to handle your counterclaim in light of the 42 U.S.C. Section 1988 attorney fees statute!!! You should compile the case law on your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO VIDEOTAPE A COP WHILE IN PUBLIC PLACE, assuming this did take place in a public place.

  • Toni

    If you have never done anything other than be factual about the events, then I see this as yet another act of senseless vindictiveness.
    If she alleges you defamed her, perhaps her definition of defamation is in-congruent with the rest of the legal professions definition?
    — He / she who alleges, MUST PROVE… Good luck.

  • Hitmute

    Good for him, cops dont prevent crimes, they are only useful after the damage is done. Troopers prey on drivers like school yard bullies and expect us to take it. Get em Cox!!! Dont back down

  • Pete

    From the looks of the “public” court web site you have quite an extensive history interacting with law enforcement. Why do you think the law doesn’t apply to you? This Trooper puts her life on the line every day for “you” and us, and this is the way your react. If you needed help you would be the first to call law enforcement. You were afraid this big mean Trooper was going to violate your rights; “Poor Baby.” I’m glad the Trooper had back up; to protect you from her!

    Why did you block out your address on the Warrant in Dept but left the Trooper’s? Are we afraid of the government? It’s public information.

    All I can say, get a life and obey the laws and you wont get stopped to start with.

    • Joe

      here, here.
      Now I am all about protecting your rights, my rights, and their rights. But when you are wrong, your wrong. Man up, admit it, and take your punishment like a man. You had an expired inspection sticker and no from license plate. What do you expect? Whether you like the law or not, whether there is a victim or now is irrelevant. The law is the law. If you have an issue with it take it up with your local delegates not the trooper, she didn’t write the law. But it is her job to enforce it. Respect that.
      All this is coming from someone who has had their share of dealing with law enforcement, and even being charged, tried, and convicted. And I still say, that you sir were in the wrong, not the trooper.

  • kat

    where is the link to the you tube videos from that day?

  • The public

    I think your all a bunch of idiots and if you have nothing to hide then don’t act like an ass. If your asked to step out of the vehicle then a simple “why” is the only thing you should ask, unless your guilty and are concealing some contraband. For any of you that think you could do a better JOB as a police, State Trooper or Sheriff’s Deputy then I encourage you to go to school and give a try. I promise you it’s not as easy as you think. That’s why your not a COP….

  • Jason

    Please. You tried to bait her into a confrontation from the start. Quit acting like a baby. She was polite and professional. You Sir were a dick!

  • edward shegogue

    see that her case against you was dismissed and that you lawyered up, so what was the basis of the judges dismissal? maybe the rest of us can learn from it

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