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Judge Beth Kellas Burton – Dangerously Abusive and Should be Removed

FROM: THE FULL COURT PRESS – On August 26, 2013, Rand Cadmus appeared in Juvenile  and Domestic Relations Court regarding an illegitimate protective order that Deputy Doug Nicholson issued towards him as well as assault charges.  All of the charges were immediately dropped.

During this shenanigan facilitated by the Frederick County Sheriff’s Department and Deputy Doug Nicholson – Cadmus’s mother died after he had an emergency welfare check done on his mother.  FCSD refused to have her admitted for evaluation.

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Stafford County, VA – Courthouse Corruption


The Full Court Press(“TFCP”) went to Stafford County Circuit Court on June 23,2014 to sit in on a pivotal Pro-Se FOIA lawsuit commenced by  Herbert Lux.  Herb, is an experienced self litigator and has several Appellate Court reversals under his belt.  At 65, Lux is the quentisential Godfather of all  Virginia Pro-se activists who assert their rights in the State  and Federal courts.

           In this case, Lux had issued subpoenas to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s staff in Stafford County for the purpose of proving that the Commonwealth Attorney was willfully hiding information and conspiring

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