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[UPDATE 5/22/16] The jail is now reporting the Bond is $900,000.00 again but can not explain why the Court Documents explicitely state $300,000.00.

[UPDATE 5/23/16] Credible sources say THE GoFundME page started by Soto’s family has been removed at the direction of the Philadelphia Police Department.  Further updates on crowdfunding will be updated on the Tony Soto Facebook page.

FIRST: Soto’s family vehemently asserts the allegations by the Philadelphia Police Department(hereinafter “PPD”) saying that they are a “complete fabrication” and another attempt to set him up.  It should be noted that this is not the first time that the PPD has attempted to advance illegitimate charges against Soto to shut the outspoken civil rights activists mouth with trumped up criminal charges.

Have you ever met someone that can never get their [a]ct together because “The Man has got them down”; And your first thought is “this person won’t take responsibility for their actions?” Well, this isn’t one of those situations, so get some coffee and get ready to take a journey into the City of Philadelphia where  it appears “The Man” does have them down and moreoever, Soto with a $300,000.00 bond and incarceration after an incident outside his home on May 18,2016.

Before you read the Philadelphia NBC10 article, as stated above, Soto and his family contest the absurdity in these allegations. His mother witnessed the incident in question and after reaching out to her, it became very clear that NBC10 omitted the other side of this story and further, printed verbatim the entirety of the PPD’s allegations via a press release by the public information officer.  You may think this to be irrelevant but, as you will see, there is no love lost between the PPD and Tony Soto even though Soto has reached out with proverbial olive branches on many ocassions.

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Round 2 for the Justice for Wayne Jones Protest and March scheduled for June 12, 2015

On May 5th, 2015 activists purposed to raise awareness in Martinsburg WV and the surrounding areas about the murder of Wayne Jones by (5) Martinsburg Police Officers on March 13, 2013. Flustered that the Wayne Jones murder has not received the proper media attention other police shootings have afforded, locals and other citizens say that the Jones shooting should receive similar press and attention if not more than those who’ve been given significant exposure in the national media.  Since October 2014, The Full Court Press covered this case while the public was being misled about the details of the incident.  Several articles by TFCP exposed the anomalies and facts which none of the local media dared to disclose. Slowly, local and mainstream media started reporting the factual inconsistencies and, indeed did some of their own investigative reporting regarding the despicable behavior of the Martinsburg officers. As it stands, the press is now finally catching up. There is no indication that they are further parroting  the content provided in press releases and other documents supplied by the City of Martinsburg and their Police Dept.

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Martinsburg Police shoot(23x) and Kill man for walking down the street



    • Wayne had no warrants for his arrest and had committed no crimes.
    • Wayne had no drugs or alcohol in his system.
    • Judge states in her Order for Summary Judgement “NO KNIFE WAS EVER PRODUCED”
    • Approximately 50 conflicting material statements by LEO in State Police File, Depositions and videos.
    • Case illegitimately thrown out because a RESPONSE to a discovery request was deemed to have been filed ‘one’ day late.
    • Dashcam videos admittedly “altered” by West Virginia State Police prior to releasing them to family.
    • Officer allegedly stabbed stated, in fact, “He was not stabbed” on the video and Medical file refutes any treatment for cuts/stabbing.
    • Officer states they shot him because “he was just fuck’in laying there and wouldn’t do nothin”.
    • Bullet fragments/pieces found on front of Wayne’s shirt – furthering the reality that he was lying face down when (5) Cops shot him 23 times.

    Wayne A. Jones was walking down the street beside the sidewalk at 11:30pm on March 3, 2013. An Officer Lehman lurked behind him in his patrol unit watching Wayne as he was walking. As Wayne made a wide turn around a parked car, he immediately turned in towards the curb and continued walking. The video depicts Wayne stopping at an intersection and then crossing the street and ultimately stopping when the Officer pulled his vehicle over and exited.

    Help the Estate of Wayne A. Jones hold these Cops Responsible!

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    PWC Commonwealth Attorney – Paul Ebert – Ham Sandwich or Hot dogs?

    FROM THE FULL COURT PRESS: We all remember Paul Ebert from the Lorena Bobbit “penis removal” case where she was acquitted of severing her “then” husband, John Wayne Bobbit’s, penis off while he was sleeping.

    To summarize, Lorena took “the penis”  with her while she got into her vehicle and drove away, throwing it along side of the road.  PWC Police found “the penis” and placed it on ice.  John Wayne had the penis reattached in a lengthy surgery.  John Wayne has since divorced Lorena and touts professions such as “Porn Star” and “Car Washer” since that horrendous debacle.

    In the prosecution of Lorena Bobbit, Paul Ebert, failed to get a conviction and subsequently Lorena walked free for such a crime and de-masculating gruesome act of torture.

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    Virginia: 26th Judicial Circuit Judgeship Nominations

    The Full Court Press(“TFCP”) FROM THE FULL COURT PRESSwrote about a Family Court Judge in Winchester Virginia previously on June 27th ,2014 –  regarding a Man who was jailed by Judge Beth Kellas Burton.

    Rand Cadmus caught Judge Burton acting-out on her Bench and illegitimately threatening him in her Family courtroom.  Cadmus notified the Court that he had recorded  his own proceeding and Judge Burton literally hit the roof.

    In an effort to cover-up her misdeeds and horrible behavior, she  arguably,  committed a crime.  Burton used the Bailiff’s in the courtroom and not only conspired with them but through force, took the recording device and attempted to erase her own courtroom antics that Cadmus “caught on tape” after she incarcerated him.

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    Update: Winchester Va -Public Defender’s Office is Fired and All Charges Dismissed

    FROM: THE FULL COURT PRESS – Last week, TFCP posted an article about Ms Cindy Shin and the Winchester Public Defender’s office in Winchester Virginia.

    A young lady who had been caught in the Winchester “Litigation Vortex” had her cases continued for nearly “one year” to no fault of her own.  Though, the docket states that she had initiated at least one continuance, the fact was that the Court failed to properly appoint legal counsel to the young lady.

    TFCP sat in all of the hearings beginning January 3rd 2014 and watched the Commonwealth Attorney’s office frivolously continue the case “knowing”….. THE WHOLE STORY HERE


    Pro Se litigant sues and Beats Virginia Sheriff on FOIA Violation

    FROM THE FULL COURT PRESS – In early 2014, The Frederick County Sheriff, Robert T. Williamson was sued in Frederick County General District Court for failing to respond to a simple FOIA request.

    The Plaintiff, Rand Cadmus,  had been attempting to extract information out of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Dept for (4) months.  Email after email back and forth until the Frederick County Sheriff’s Doug Lang ended with “We will not repond to your emails[sic]).

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    Judge Beth Kellas Burton – Dangerously Abusive and Should be Removed

    FROM: THE FULL COURT PRESS – On August 26, 2013, Rand Cadmus appeared in Juvenile  and Domestic Relations Court regarding an illegitimate protective order that Deputy Doug Nicholson issued towards him as well as assault charges.  All of the charges were immediately dropped.

    During this shenanigan facilitated by the Frederick County Sheriff’s Department and Deputy Doug Nicholson – Cadmus’s mother died after he had an emergency welfare check done on his mother.  FCSD refused to have her admitted for evaluation.

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    Speeding by Radar in Virginia (Part 2) -The Radar Devices

    (See Part 1)This is a short primer to the Radar and other Methods LEO use to track speeds in the performance of their duty to control traffic on the public streets in your city or town.

    This is not to be construed as an all inclusive expose but only as a guide to building your defense for a Speeding by Radar in Va Code 46.2-882 as used in conjunction with (Part 1) of this series. Ultimately, there are four types of radar that Virginia Law codifies in the statutes:  (1) a laser speed determination devise (2) radar (3) a microchip connected to the speedometer of the car (4) microchip aboard a plane or helicopter(VASCAR).

    If  LEO is using any other type of device to obtain speed from your vehicle, it is illegal and subject to being dismissed because its not authorized by the Virginia Statute.  That does not happen as often as it used to because the Law has been molded to include almost anything that is currently on the market. Read more

    Stafford County, VA – Courthouse Corruption

    Posted from THE FULL COURT PRESS

    The Full Court Press(“TFCP”) went to Stafford County Circuit Court on June 23,2014 to sit in on a pivotal Pro-Se FOIA lawsuit commenced by  Herbert Lux.  Herb, is an experienced self litigator and has several Appellate Court reversals under his belt.  At 65, Lux is the quentisential Godfather of all  Virginia Pro-se activists who assert their rights in the State  and Federal courts.

               In this case, Lux had issued subpoenas to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s staff in Stafford County for the purpose of proving that the Commonwealth Attorney was willfully hiding information and conspiring

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