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Pro Se litigant sues and Beats Virginia Sheriff on FOIA Violation

FROM THE FULL COURT PRESS – In early 2014, The Frederick County Sheriff, Robert T. Williamson was sued in Frederick County General District Court for failing to respond to a simple FOIA request.

The Plaintiff, Rand Cadmus,  had been attempting to extract information out of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Dept for (4) months.  Email after email back and forth until the Frederick County Sheriff’s Doug Lang ended with “We will not repond to your emails[sic]).

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Speeding by Radar in Virginia – Building the Case File

After you’ve been snagged by LEO on a speeding ticket charge, you should be aware of the process leading up to your trial, if you plan to defend yourself.  I will give you some suggestions that work for me when I go into court to defend myself against speeding tickets and law enforcement.


FIRST –  Create a file at your house for the case.  Label it as the case no. located at the top of the uniform summons.  On the face of your folder, you will write all important info. (1) Cops name (2) date of incident (3) statute being charged with (4) case no.

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