Pro Se litigant sues and Beats Virginia Sheriff on FOIA Violation

FROM THE FULL COURT PRESS – In early 2014, The Frederick County Sheriff, Robert T. Williamson was sued in Frederick County General District Court for failing to respond to a simple FOIA request.

The Plaintiff, Rand Cadmus,  had been attempting to extract information out of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Dept for (4) months.  Email after email back and forth until the Frederick County Sheriff’s Doug Lang ended with “We will not repond to your emails[sic]).

Cadmus, then drafted, a FOIA Mandamus and Complaint which was filed in the General District Court.  The case was statutorily put on the docket for (7) days later where he was able to bring his complaint about the Sheriff’s Department refusing to turn over information regarding his mother’s estate in violation of the Virginia FOIA Act.  Cadmus, the administrator of that estate, was trying to get incident reports for the theft of items removed from his mother’s home after she died.

This lawsuit epitomizes the conflict and the harassment by the Frederick County Sheriff’s Dept and Cadmus.  Cadmus asked them to investigate his mother’s death –  they all but told him they refused.  Cadmus asked them to help him investigate the thefts out of the home.  The Sheriff’s Dept refused.

As a last ditch effort to mitigate the damages….  READ THE WHOLE STORY —> HERE