PWC Commonwealth Attorney – Paul Ebert – Ham Sandwich or Hot dogs?

FROM THE FULL COURT PRESS: We all remember Paul Ebert from the Lorena Bobbit “penis removal” case where she was acquitted of severing her “then” husband, John Wayne Bobbit’s, penis off while he was sleeping.

To summarize, Lorena took “the penis”  with her while she got into her vehicle and drove away, throwing it along side of the road.  PWC Police found “the penis” and placed it on ice.  John Wayne had the penis reattached in a lengthy surgery.  John Wayne has since divorced Lorena and touts professions such as “Porn Star” and “Car Washer” since that horrendous debacle.

In the prosecution of Lorena Bobbit, Paul Ebert, failed to get a conviction and subsequently Lorena walked free for such a crime and de-masculating gruesome act of torture.

Then there is  the I95 Snipers that Paul Ebert refused to prosecute.  Lee Boyd Malvo, American Terrorist,  who conspired shot and killed many people including 16 Deaths and 8 Seriously injured victims.  

Paul Ebert failed to secure a Death Conviction over this notorious monster.

Next,   Justin Wolf, a young man of 20yrs, who had gone astray selling Marijuana.  He was wrongfully accused of hiring a hit-man to kill another drug dealer in a police cover-up.

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