VIDEO: Virginia Cop Block Founder – Nathan Cox gets served Court Order/ Injunction by Richmond Police

Today I was chased down by at least 4 detectives from the Richmond Police Department, while another unmarked cruiser with 2-3 individuals in it, one being in the back seat, possibly being some sort of informant sitting near by. After consulting with my attorney and reaching out to local press, specifically Mark Holmberg (who’s a self-described libertarian and practices peaceful civil disobedience, even in his newscasts) I was ready to make the call to have them meet me at where I work. That was after they went to my previous employer, which they thought I still worked, that was after them showing up at my house, no one home but the pit bulls barking. That was after they went to my grandmothers house looking for me and finally figuring out where I currently work and showed up there. Watch the video of the interaction here.

Well they were trying to serve me Court Orders/ Injunction. I had heard from my friend known as “Mo” earlier that day that cops had been by her residence while she was at work and were apparently tracking her like me, trying to do the same. They are trying to quell my freedom of speech by serving me these ridiculous papers over the post I had published here on this site a couple of nights ago – view it here
The pictures below are of the court order. You can listen to my interview with Free Talk Live that I had tonight here, talking about the situation in more detail.

My Attorney is Tom Roberts, a civil rights defender located in Richmond Virginia. He represented me at the request of the Rutherford Institute with my incident with the VCU Police and did an excellent job. Papers are being filed to a court first thing Monday morning. After this is resolved I’ll be holding them accountable by suing. Victoria Benjamin Pearson you have no case, just give us the money we demand, I promise we’ll put it into much better use than the State would use, I can assure you that. I will keep everyone up to date.

Written by: Nathan Cox