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Marine Veteran Brandon Raub speaks out following Kidnapping by Feds and Local Police

Brandon Raub speaks out for the FIRST time since his release.
Video was released by the Rutherford Institute TODAY. The clip shows Brandon Raub speaking with John Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney and President of The Rutherford Institute. The civil liberties group served as Raub’s defense in court and was VICTORIOUS with his release.

BREAKING: Case Dismissed Against Brandon Raub

Thursday afternoon several dozen supporters of Marine Veteran Brandon Raub gathered around the Hopewell Circuit Court for a hearing that was scheduled at 11:30. This was an emergency hearing that included several appeals and motions. Tony Troy, whom represented Brandon Raub which was not present because of his UNLAWFUL detainment in a Salem County, Virginia Hospital conducted an excellent defense in which he was successful.

In a statement released by The Rutherford Institute, an institution dedicated to CHAMPIONING individuals’ rights said this in a statement:

“This is a great victory for the First Amendment and the rule of law,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute. “Brandon Raub was arrested with no warning, targeted for doing nothing more than speaking out against the government, detained against his will, and isolated from his family, friends and attorneys. These are the kinds of things that take place in totalitarian societies. Today, at least, Judge Allan Sharrett proved that justice can still prevail in America.” To read more of their write up visit here. BRAND NEW Video Blog Update from The Rutherford Institute President, John Whitehead.

Virginia Cop Block is hoping to get the audio file from this proceedings. If we are able to obtain it we’ll publish it on our YouTube Channel. Judge Allan Sharrett acknowledges that the paperwork turned in by either the F.B.I or the Chesterfield Police Department had “No Allegations against him”. Judge Sharrett went on to say Raub suffered a “deprivation of his liberty” by being held without a clear claim. Below are videos of His family giving a statement, as well as his attorney’s and others (In Chronological order).

Unidentified Attorney Comments on Judge’s decision immediately after getting out of the building:

Brandon Raub’s mother, Cathleen Thomas speaks to the media about the case being dismissed:

Brandon Raub’s Attorney, Tony Troy speaks to the media:

Adam Kokesh EXCLUSIVE Interview with Brandon Raub from Psyche Ward

About a dozen and a half supporters turned out to show support outside of the John Randolph Medical Center where Brandon Raub is being involuntarily held. View the slide show of pictures from that rally.

Marine Veteran Adam Kokesh with AdamvstheMan gets an exclusive interview with Brandon Raub.

Brandon Raub’s Mom blows off Mainstream Media for AdamvsTheMan exclusive.

Marine who served with kidnapped Brandon Raub testifies to his sanity.

Veteran Kidnapped by FBI and Secret Service Over Facebook Post

Brandon J. Raub

If you asked him "Peace or Violence?", he'd choose peace every time. ~Brent, Brandon's brother


Around 7:30pm, Aug 16, Marine Veteran Brandon J. Raub was taken into custody by Chesterfield County Police accompanied by several FBI and Secret Service agents.  He was arrested without being charged or being read his rights; and was transported to the police station to be processed, then taken to the John Randolph Medical Center in Hopewell, VA, where he is currently being held in the psychiatric ward.

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