Veteran Kidnapped by FBI and Secret Service Over Facebook Post

Brandon J. Raub

If you asked him "Peace or Violence?", he'd choose peace every time. ~Brent, Brandon's brother


Around 7:30pm, Aug 16, Marine Veteran Brandon J. Raub was taken into custody by Chesterfield County Police accompanied by several FBI and Secret Service agents.  He was arrested without being charged or being read his rights; and was transported to the police station to be processed, then taken to the John Randolph Medical Center in Hopewell, VA, where he is currently being held in the psychiatric ward.

Virginia CopBlock was able to speak with some of Brandon’s family, including his brother, Brent; who arrived to the scene in time to shoot video of Brandon’s arrest.

While information about this situation is still coming in, here is what we have learned so far:

Brandon is a 26 year old Marine Veteran; a self-described freedom lover and patriot, and an outspoken advocate against abusive government, particularly on his facebook page.  According to Brandon’s account and other witnesses, police and government agents arrived at Brandon’s home moments after everyone else who was at the house had left.  They knocked on his door and demanded to speak with him regarding some activity on his facebook account (particularly some posts they claimed to be ‘anti-government’).  Information about the conversation and full interaction that occurred at this point is still surfacing; but we’ve been told Brandon came outside his home, barefoot and without a shirt, and remained calm and peaceful throughout the discussion.  While talking with the various government officials in front of his house, one of the plain clothes agents apparently fainted.  As Brandon’s brother and others began returning to the house, Brandon was led to the street by a Female FBI agent, accompanied by several other agents and Chesterfield Police Officers.  They then surrounded Brandon and did not inform him that he was under arrest, instead simply assaulting him without warning.  After a momentary attempt to defend himself from his attackers, he was cuffed and taken away without being told the reason (charge) for his arrest.  His family was later informed that he had been taken to the John Randolph Medical Center, where he will remain in State custody until he can be given a mental evaluation.

Virginia CopBlock has learned that this form of arrest/detention is known as a “Green Warrant”, often known as a “Mental Health Warrant”.  If a person is credibly believed to be a potential threat to themselves or others, a “Green Warrant” can be issued.  This allows government authorities to arrest and detain the person for up to 72 hours; and have them evaluated to determine if they are “mentally unfit”, and would pose a threat if released.

Basically, the government can arrest you if they don’t like what you say.  Then they can keep you for 3 days, and decide if you’re allowed to go free based on their evaluation of your “mental state”, aka they can keep you for “thought crime”.

At this point, we are not aware of anyone who has been able to see the warrant, so we are unaware of the exact language of it, which would reveal the alleged ‘threat’ (ie facebook post) and who requested the warrant be issued.  At this point, we have still not determined who has the warrant.

At the Chesterfield Police Station shortly after the arrest, Brandon’s mother attempted to find out more information about the situation.  The police claim the FBI and Secret Service contacted them to request assistance with Brandon’s arrest.  One officer claimed Brandon has been charged with ‘disorderly conduct’ and ‘resisting arrest’ by the Chesterfield Police (another officer claiming the charges were ‘assault’ and ‘resisting arrest’), over an alleged altercation that took place during the arrest.  Virginia CopBlock is still unsure if Brandon has actually been charged with anything, as his mother has determined that no charges have been filed at this point.  However, his current detainment is not related to any criminal charges, or anything that happened the night of his arrest.

We will be posting updates as they come in, including a more detailed biography of Brandon, thanks to the interviews his friends and family have been kind enough to do with us during this difficult time.  They all assert that Brandon is a peaceful and honorable person who is being violently attacked for speaking out about his beliefs.  Beliefs which this situation are proving to be truth.

Because Brandon believes the government is dangerous and violent, the government claimed him to be dangerous and violent.  So they kidnapped him and are holding him against his will till they decide he is ‘not a terrorist threat’.

Who is the dangerous one here?


post written by Meg McLain –