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National Police Week, More “Only Police Lives Matter” Indoctrination

Last Sunday marked the beginning of National Police Week (NPW), a time for cops from all over the nation to converge on DC to remember their fallen brethren by drinking and urinating in public, driving drunk, and engaging in other general lawlessness.

Here’s a video someone took showing some of the typical drunken illegal antics residents have to endure during Police Week. Some of the worst incidents have involved more serious offenses such as rape.

In between the bouts of behavior unbecoming an officer, there are also ceremonies to remember the dead and inscribe new names on monuments. What the NPW pomp and circumstance fails to recognize, however, is how relatively safe it is to be a police officer in the United States. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that policing doesn’t even rank in the top ten most dangerous professions. Loggers, garbage men, and construction workers all provide a vital service to our communities, and experience a far higher rate of on the job deaths, however no one erects a memorial or dedicates a week of remembrance for their sacrifices.

The rate of on-duty deaths for law enforcement is low, and so are the total numbers of deaths. In a typical year, somewhere around 120 officers die while on duty.  Contrary to the popular notion that cops killed on the job usually die in a hail of bullets or some other dramatic fashion, most of them die from more mundane causes like, car accidents and heart attacks. Fallen officer statistics are also inflated by including the deaths of police dogs. It’s ironic that they give such reverence to K-9 officers considering the huge number of dogs routinely killed by police officers each year. Read more