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Elevate your Understanding: Assert your Rights


So you’ve had enough of the Police violating you and overstepping their boundaries?  Maybe they have become a public nuisance in your town, city or county.  Its an increasing anomoly that is ever-prevailing in our society. I have pondered it for the last several years as the budgets for law enforcement rise drastically – technology for surveillance seeps into our lives like dairy farm odor at 4am on Saturday morning.


Law Enforcement are being taught that citizens are enemy combatants.  They are training their officers how to violate peoples rights – leaving the citizens not knowing or befuddled as they lay on the ground being searched, ridiculed and belittled because they happened to use their freedom to fit a fact pattern which, unknowingly triggers a preemptive confrontation with Law Enforcement. Have you been there?  How did you fair?  In the past twenty years, I have analyzed my own approaches with the Police and how I responded to their request for information, investigations and slight undertones they use to extract information.  Do not be fooled, if you ever have the opportunity to experience a LEO confrontation – pay attention to the questions –  Several things you should notice and be aware of:  Read more