Officer Barnes Questions/ Criticizes Officer Torres Shooting John Geer

Recently released information has provided some valuable insight on what happened the day John Geer was shot and killed on his front porch by Adam Torres. One piece of information that has been long awaited was, Who shot and killed Geer. Last week we learned it was PFC Adam Torres who shot unarmed John Geer who has his hands up according to witnesses that include the police.

Last month in January Virginians united together at the Fairfax Police Headquarters to raise some awareness and raise some hell concerning the lack of transparency, accountability and intentional stonewalling of the investigation, which we also heard from the Fairfax Prosecutors office. As a result of the incompetence from the Fairfax Police Chief and Fairfax Board of Supervisors the Police/ government accountability movement is growing in Northern Virginia.

You can find the recently released information here.
You won’t won’t to miss Tom Jackman’s latest article with the Washington Post!

Check out this internal investigation testimony from Officer Rodney Barnes who was the third officer on the scene and who held continuous dialogue with Geer the entire time.

Trimmed/ Edited interview highlighting points of interest:

COMPLETE Rodney Barnes interview

  • ChristCrusader

    What a tearjerker, Geer understanding the danger those cops posed to him, working to stay alive while defending his rights, asking that Torres lower his weapon and not point it at him, and boom, mortally shot.

    Fairfax County has known all of this and more for a year and a half and deliberately stayed silent.

    The gov’t doesn’t have a 5th amendment right to stay silent!

  • The Watergate Grand Jury DEMANDED to hear the Nixon White House Oval Office audio tapes, mentioned by one of 7 lawyers indicted by the Grand Jury.
    I can not believe that if a Fairfax GRAND JURY heard this portion of an audio tape interview with a Fairfax Policeman Barnes ABOUT another Fairfax Policeman Adam Torres, who shot John Geer, that the Citizens of the GRAND JURY would not vote a “True Bill” that is to INDICT. However, the Police Command structure and the Demoncrat Commonwealth Attorney to COVER UP THE CRIME BY POLICE are not allowing or are CENSORING the TRUTH from the Citizens of Fairfax.

    • CvilleGuy78

      Are you seriously making it a political thing? Like the Commonwealth’s Attorney being a Democrat has anything to do with what’s happening. The vast majority of police boot lickers are REPUBLICANS. The vast majority of corrupt cops are REPUBLICANS and Teabaggers.

      • Drakenfly

        Cops may vote republican but they fully act like democrats under the union thumb…

        • Bob Pineo

          That’s only the second dumbest comment I’ve read today.

          • Drakenfly

            You must be a union retard….

          • officer twunt

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          • Drakenfly

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          • Drakenfly

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        • Ihavenouseforaname

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          • Drakenfly

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      • Jimbob

        the vast majority of middle class who are apathetic sheep or gestapo bootlickers are both republican and democrat.

    • Gregory Smith

      Are you fucking serious?! This has nothing to do with politics! It makes me sick to my stomach that someone would have the audacity to bring politics into this.

  • margova

    Cops hate those of us who exercise our rights. They hate being questioned from those of us who know the law a heck of a lot better than they.. and try to reason soundly. Of course, its not “sound” reasoning to the imbecilic cops. Basic rogue-thug COWARDS.

  • Jimbob
  • Riley Long

    The bullet hit the wrong person. There were several pieces of shit on the scene that would have made a much better target.