Feeling abused by the Police?

This is a 17 minute video – but it’s extremely educational and I highly recommend it.
This video shows the police manufacuring reasons to not only pull someone over, but to search the person’s car.
The only thing the driver (or passenger) didn’t do, which I ALWAYS recommend, is FILM the police, whether it’s your traffic stop, someone else’s traffic stop or just a conversation with a cop.

Luckily, they obtained the dashboard camera through a Freedom of Information Act Request (which is highly recommended).

Your only line of peaceful defense against the police is a camera. Filming the police will likely mitigate any sort of abuse in a power, mitigate any sort of potential police aggression, police misconduct and hopefully prevent police brutality. NEVER consent to a search, whether you have anything to hide or not. MOST Police Department have a policy where if you are pulled over and for whatever reason you don’t trust or fear the police officer to any degree, you can request that the on-duty road supervisor come to your location to supervise or handle the remainder of the traffic stop.

It’s well known that many police departments have quotas, that many police officers want to “fast-track” and move up the “ladder”, so they make as many arrests, and hand out as many citations as possible. Don’t be a victim.

Protect yourself and others by filming the police, by saying NO to searches, by remaining silent or saying as little as possible when answering questions because they are TRAINED to get YOU to incriminate yourself.