The Demand for Accountability Results in FOUR NEW Virginia Chapters

Written By: Nathan Cox

Billboard campaign

Billboard campaign (Laburnum Avenue)

As the Police State continues to spiral out of control (nationwide of course but specifically here in Virginia), with little accountability, the rising militarization of the police along with continued police brutality towards individuals who simply utilize their First Amendment right to record the police, NEW, local, Virginia Cop Block Chapters are rising up! The demand for Public Servant accountability isn’t just within Law Enforcement Agencies, it’s public-sector wide, but most especially and concernedly in the “Justice System”. If you haven’t realized there is something wrong with our “Justice System” yet, you’re probably watching to much American Idol.

Whether it’s corrupt Judges (list goes on), corrupt cops (list goes on), or corrupt Prosecuting Attorneys (list goes on and on) the corruption is clearly rampant in the American “Legal”/ “Justice System”. With little accountability, due to farce “internal investigations” and “immunity”, the double standards and severe lack of accountability are rampant individuals nation-wide are seeing the genuine need for true accountability within the Law Enforcement and Justice System realm. Welcome the brand new Virginia Cop Block local chapters! 


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A number of people have been waiting to get more organized in your local areas. The Facebook pages will help communicating, organizing, and getting people more involved. Utilize them! Post relevant local news on the page. Post your own police encounter stories, pictures, videos etc. Share it with your friends and let’s help spread the message of accountability with folks in YOUR area who isn’t already tracking Virginia Cop Block. Get to know your rights so you can assert and flex your rights when you need to!

Make sure you’re following and tracking these great sites!

I wish there wasn’t a need for Police Accountability Organizations like Cop BlockCop WatchPhotography is Not a Crime, and the many others that our out there. But there is a demand for organizations, decentralized or not like this and there will continue to be insofar as police, prosecutors and judges continue to disregard their oaths to the Constitution and continue to get away with heinous crimes.

One quick side note. If you reading this, are a defense attorney and you have an interest in writing, however frequently for Please contact us! Most especially if you are exposing corruption within local courthouses, judges not following guidelines/ the law, unethical prosecutors, etc. I know that defense attorneys are following the site. You have a platform here, whether it’s educating folks on civil rights or exposing non-sense that goes on in the kangaroo courts locally.

Lastly, just a “service announcement” for anyone who hasn’t heard about recent court rulings.

It was ruled in 2005 that “Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone.

It was ruled by 1st Circuit Court in 2011, that 1st Amendment clearly establishes right to film Police.

In 2013 The U.S Department of Justice weighed in favor of the right to record.