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VIDEO: Virginia Cop Block Founder – Nathan Cox gets served Court Order/ Injunction by Richmond Police

Today I was chased down by at least 4 detectives from the Richmond Police Department, while another unmarked cruiser with 2-3 individuals in it, one being in the back seat, possibly being some sort of informant sitting near by. After consulting with my attorney and reaching out to local press, specifically Mark Holmberg (who’s a self-described libertarian and practices peaceful civil disobedience, even in his newscasts) I was ready to make the call to have them meet me at where I work. That was after they went to my previous employer, which they thought I still worked, that was after them showing up at my house, no one home but the pit bulls barking. That was after they went to my grandmothers house looking for me and finally figuring out where I currently work and showed up there. Watch the video of the interaction here.

Well they were trying to serve me Court Orders/ Injunction. I had heard from my friend known as “Mo” earlier that day that cops had been by her residence while she was at work and were apparently tracking her like me, trying to do the same. They are trying to quell my freedom of speech by serving me these ridiculous papers over the post I had published here on this site a couple of nights ago – view it here
The pictures below are of the court order. You can listen to my interview with Free Talk Live that I had tonight here, talking about the situation in more detail.

My Attorney is Tom Roberts, a civil rights defender located in Richmond Virginia. He represented me at the request of the Rutherford Institute with my incident with the VCU Police and did an excellent job. Papers are being filed to a court first thing Monday morning. After this is resolved I’ll be holding them accountable by suing. Victoria Benjamin Pearson you have no case, just give us the money we demand, I promise we’ll put it into much better use than the State would use, I can assure you that. I will keep everyone up to date.

Written by: Nathan Cox

VCU Police Should Honor Their Oath’s and Protect the Rights of Students to Carry Firearms on Campus

A growing student group at Virginia Commonwealth University, located in the heart of Richmond, calling themselves “Students for Concealed Carry on Campus – VCU Chapter” has been raising awareness about gun rights and the fallacies of Virginia’s current state Laws in regards to carrying firearms while on [a state] campus. There is also a another group on Facebook called, “Support the right for VCU students to carry on campus” which clearly isn’t limited to just carrying a concealed firearm.
These groups and Facebook pages have been gaining more and more traction since the spike in violent crime (including homicide) in around around VCU’s campus. It certainly makes sense that more and more students are raising their questions and concerns, as to why the lose their 2nd Amendment rights, when attending a State college, in this case VCU.

The United States Constitution’s Second Amendment reads, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”. Now, how is it justifiable to take away the rights of an individual just because they sign up and attend a state college? Is the state not merely a collective body of individuals whom the voting public grant their authority too? Is the state supposed to protect the rights of the people, or undermine and/ or take eliminate the rights of the people? It’s visibly clear an unknown percentage of the public does not consent to the state law(s)/ policy that restricts the rights’ of students to protect themselves with a firearm while on campus.

Virginia is one of 44 states that have the right to “bear arms” embedded in their own constitutions. Virginia’s Constitution, Article 1, Section 13 states:

“That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power. “

As pointed out in an article published by, “It didn’t always read that way. That last clause – “therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” – was not part of the original version, enacted in 1776. It was added in 1971.”

Now, let’s take a look at the Virginia Commonwealth University Police Department’s Mission Statement: “The mission of the VCU Police Department is to provide a safe and secure learning, living and working environment for the students, faculty, staff and visitors of Virginia Commonwealth University.
This will be accomplished through the development of various community-based crime prevention strategies and initiatives in conjunction with traditional law enforcement and progressive community policing practices. All members of the department will provide the highest levels of courtesy and customer service to the community.”

If the VCU Police Department was really trying to abide by their mission statement, they would provide a safer campus environment by allowing VCU students to carry their own firearms for protection. It is said that an “armed society is a polite society”. The VCU Police will acknowledge that they can’t be every where at once & if they were really concerned with the “safety” of students they would welcome this change. “All the members of the department will provide the highest levels of courtesy and customer service to the community.” – It’s neither courteous nor good customer service practices to disarm peaceful, responsible law-abiding students while on campus.

Furthermore, here is a look at the (or a variation of the) oath that VCU Police Officer’s swear to uphold:

“On my honor,
I will never betray my badge,
my integrity, my character,
or the public trust.
I will always have
the courage to hold myself
and others accountable for our actions.
I will always uphold the constitution
my community and the agency I serve.

Now if the VCU Chief of Police as well as his officers, were actually concerned with the oath they swore too, they would be oath keepers. But instead they are another group of badge wearing individuals who’ve either forgotten their oaths, never planned on upholding their oaths, or have self-compromised their principles since taking their oath. We know this because, if VCU Chief of Police John Venuti (to include his entire department) had any sense of integrity to his (their) oath, he (they) would do the right thing and “Always uphold the Constitution”, both The U.S Constitution and The Virginia Constitution and express to the students that he, nor his officers will harass students for lawfully caring a firearm, under those guaranteed rights, symbolized in those respective documents. Police Officers often use discretion when choosing what laws to enforce and this should be one of those laws that the Police choose to use discretion on and choose NOT to enforce and instead, uphold their oaths, and protect the rights of students to carry firearms. Imagine if the VCU police did the right thing, think of how much trust that would build with the students, it would be unprecedented.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of the police doing the right thing, these days, is not going to happen. In saying that, you’re left with at least three options.
First, you can join the ranks of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, which is a well known Pro- 2nd Amendment organization here in Virginia that makes the NRA look moderate. They are constantly teaching people and lobbying for gun rights and are often involved with legislation at the Virginia General Assembly. You can team up with them, and your state representative and lobby to get those laws changed. You can help build this particular cause on VCU’s campus, educating students on gun rights, responsibility, safety, etc. You can also simply choose to disobey that law, in an act(s) of peaceful civil disobedience. Many folks will tell you, “if you want change, work within the system”. Well, unless you are VERY good at lobbying AND raising money for lobbying purposes, more often than not, the legislation that you want to see passed will not even win the support of your own representative, much less anyone else in the General Assembly. Furthermore we see the, “if you want change, work within the system” mentality often does not work, and it took the various civil rights movements in the 50’s & 60’s, etc to rely on Peaceful Civil Disobedience and Non-Cooperation to get the laws changed that they wanted. Granted, there is certainly a risk of disobey ANY “bad laws”, that risk of course, being the heavy hand, the apparatus of the State. Good people disobey bad laws, if you choose to go this route, do so peacefully, safely, responsibly and strategically. Other options would be to simply not attend a college that strips you from your rights, or to seek higher education in a different format/ setting – Like with a library card, and practically applying WHATEVER you are learning to the best of your abilities, out in “the field”.

If you share the sentiment, that the VCU Police should do the right thing and uphold their oaths and protect the student’s right to carry, consider letting them know by filling out their contact form here. Below is a video I found of a Pro 2nd Amendment event on VCU about 10 months ago, which involved various speakers, side-discussion debates, etc.

FOIA Request Concerning Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Stop with Trooper McKenney – PUBLISHED

Written by: Nathan Cox
Edited by Meg McLain & Chris Staples

On Memorial Day weekend,May 26th, I was coming home from a side-job I had picked up. Quickly noticed that Interstate 295 was being HEAVILY Policed by State Troopers. Here is my initial CELL PHONE Video):

“I passed 3 state troopers just 50 meters from the Pole Green Road Exit on 295. They were conducting a traffic stop, funny thing was, 2 of them were conducting the stop, while a third was on the opposite shoulder. As I drove by one of the cops stared me, or my vehicle down. The next thing I knew one of those cops came up fast behind me while I was still on the phone. She moved over the adjacent lane and proceeded to pass me, just enough to see my State Inspection sticker which expired March 1. Then she pulled behind me and blue lighted me. She came up to my door, opened the door and aggressively asked to get out of the car. After I complied and stepped out of my car, she had her hands all over me trying to prevent me from recording her. After I signed the tickets she claimed my muffler sounded loud (it’s a stock muffler on a 08 civic Si). As I tried to capture some video of all the cruisers that came to the scene, she threatened me with a citation for being a “pedestrian on the highway” you can see that in the next video. 3 more cops came to the scene. The entire stop was not caught on MY phone because one of the male cops turned my phone upside down when they noticed it filming. I’m hoping to get the dashboard cam via FOIA after the criminal charges are dealt with.”

After going to court about this, I was able to get the inspection sticker citation dismissed but was found “guilty” on the charge “Failure to Display Front License Plate”. Following these court proceedings over these charges, I filed an official complaint with the Virginia State Police concerning the aggressive nature of State Trooper McKenney. I also filed a Freedom Of Information Act Request in hopes to obtain Trooper McKenney’s Dashboard Camera, as well as any other communication about me via, phone, text, email and radio. Also, I tried to recover previous complaints Trooper McKenney may have received, but was denied that request.

Approximately August 22nd I received the FOIA Request Package from the Virginia State Police. After reviewing the information we received, being the Dashboard Camera and text messages that was sent to/received from McKenney validated my account of what happened and provides enough evidence that could make a case for a 4th Amendment Rights Violation. If you have not yet seen MY video of the traffic stop yet, you can watch the video here and you will notice at the 7:27 mark someone violates my 4th Amendment Rights by trespassing against my property (My Phone). As well as a short clip here of trying to get footage of the cop cars after recovering my phone, she then threatened to cite me for “being a pedestrian on a highway”.
What you’ve been waiting for – State Trooper McKenney’s Dashboard Camera: Read more

Adam Kokesh EXCLUSIVE Interview with Brandon Raub from Psyche Ward

About a dozen and a half supporters turned out to show support outside of the John Randolph Medical Center where Brandon Raub is being involuntarily held. View the slide show of pictures from that rally.

Marine Veteran Adam Kokesh with AdamvstheMan gets an exclusive interview with Brandon Raub.

Brandon Raub’s Mom blows off Mainstream Media for AdamvsTheMan exclusive.

Marine who served with kidnapped Brandon Raub testifies to his sanity.

Feeling abused by the Police?

This is a 17 minute video – but it’s extremely educational and I highly recommend it.
This video shows the police manufacuring reasons to not only pull someone over, but to search the person’s car.
The only thing the driver (or passenger) didn’t do, which I ALWAYS recommend, is FILM the police, whether it’s your traffic stop, someone else’s traffic stop or just a conversation with a cop.

Luckily, they obtained the dashboard camera through a Freedom of Information Act Request (which is highly recommended).

Your only line of peaceful defense against the police is a camera. Filming the police will likely mitigate any sort of abuse in a power, mitigate any sort of potential police aggression, police misconduct and hopefully prevent police brutality. NEVER consent to a search, whether you have anything to hide or not. MOST Police Department have a policy where if you are pulled over and for whatever reason you don’t trust or fear the police officer to any degree, you can request that the on-duty road supervisor come to your location to supervise or handle the remainder of the traffic stop.

It’s well known that many police departments have quotas, that many police officers want to “fast-track” and move up the “ladder”, so they make as many arrests, and hand out as many citations as possible. Don’t be a victim.

Protect yourself and others by filming the police, by saying NO to searches, by remaining silent or saying as little as possible when answering questions because they are TRAINED to get YOU to incriminate yourself.