Letter To Sheriff Hines

Dear Public Servant David Hines,

On December 26th, 2011 at approximately 9:15am, one of your deputies, specifically, “L.T Norman” Badge # 0720 used the threat of force to pull me over for running a red light. I am a staunch advocate for peace, non-violence, the Non-aggression Principle and Voluntaryism. Under stress, protest and duress I pulled my vehicle over, in fear that my well-being would be jeopardized if I didn’t comply with the man with a badge and a gun; flashing his lights at me. I asked public servant “Norman”, if he could tell me what actual crime I committed and if he could identify a victim. I clearly did not harm anyone, as it would go against my morals and principles I stand on. You can watch the video of me asking him questions at this web address (which I’m assuming you’ve already seen):

I took a look at your departments “Crime Statistics” and unfortunately there was no mention of traffic violations, which doesn’t surprise me; because without a doubt those numbers would dominate any other category. It saddens me that you and your officers have decided not to follow through with the oaths you’ve sworn, failing your oath; that being to protect and defend the United States Constitution. I too took that same oath, and although I am no longer serving in the army, I perpetually keep that oath. Below are statistics I pulled from your own website. “Narcotics Violations” comes in 3rd place (that’s excluding the traffic violations statistics your department has conveniently left out.)

County Totals
(Year To Date)
Aggravated Assault = 28
Arson = 1
Burglary = 104
Homicide = 1
Larcenies = 872
Narcotics Violations = 373
Robbery = 6
Sexual Offenses = 9
Vandalisms = 351
Vehicle Thefts = 62

It greatly concerns me that your department, based off your own statistics, seem to have a priority of harassing, extorting and caging peaceful people. People that pose no threat to anyone’s life, liberty or property. I now have a coerced appointment with a man in a robe who’s paid by the same people that pay for your department’s salary, as well as the prosecution. All of you people are on the same team, so-to-speak, so how can I expect a fair trial/hearing?

I am also aware of the electronics ban policy your department enforces at the courthouse, which is a violation of the public’s right to keep an electronic record of their own court proceedings. I’m informing you now, that I plan on recording my proceedings because I have a right to. I have a right to record on public grounds and especially public servants. Attached to this letter is a Virginia statute that certifies what I’m trying to convey to you. Which leads me to my next point, I don’t know how you or anyone in your department can justify breaking the “laws” that you claim is your job to enforce. Your badge sir, does not grant you extra rights. If I get arrested by one of your deputies for practicing my legal right to record my proceedings, I will follow up with a civil lawsuit after the criminal charges are dealt with.

Because of the firm belief I hold regarding the usurpation of freedom by the hands of those sworn to protect it, I will not be accepting any “plea” of guilt. I have committed no crime, as a crime requires an identifiable victim. You may choose to move forward, and attempt to demonize my entirely peaceful behaviors as “crimes” in a court of law; however, the time and tax-payer money you will waste in this unnecessary procedure will not make anyone safer, nor will it restore any kind of broken peace. If restoring the peace is the job of a police officer (once known as “Peace Officer”), I suggest you reexamine the actions of your officers, as they seem to be counter-productive to your goals.

I want you to be aware that every conversation I have with the police, or any public official will always be recorded, usually video, but at the very least audio. This is because I believe it’s the only way to protect myself and to hold public servants accountable and transparent. In saying that, I fully intend on publishing this letter on the internet. You can expect a crowd of supporters at my proceeding. Lastly, I wanted to let you personally know, that I do not want, need or consent to any of the “services” your department offers; especially I do not want, need, or consent to your protection.

  • JJ

    I am a little confused. I am not quite sure what you think the officer did wrong.

    You were pulled for runnng a red light. You broke the law.

    You claimed there was no victim? if you were going 100 mph in a 35 mph school zone, there would also be no victims until you killed someone.

    If you were pulled over for DUI, there is also no victim until you kill someone.

  • If You’re sincere about learning more I would start by reading the following books:
    But if you don’t want to read them all I would highly recommend a VERY short book by Frederic Bastiat – “The Law”

    “Liberty Defined”:, by Ron Paul.
    Then I’d read “The Law”, by Frederic Bastiat.
    After that, I’d go with “For A New Liberty” By Murray Rothbard.
    After that I’d read some of Lysander Spooner’s writings, especially, “No Treason: A Constitution of No Authority”.

    • JJ

      So, if an officer observes someone breaking the law and putting others at risk, what should he/she do?

      • Depends on what the law is. I would start by reading the short book called, “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat.
        But let me say this, if the “law” the cop is considering enforcing, does NOT have a victim, that I would recommend to that officer to use discretion in enforcing that law, and seek and alternative PEACEFUL measure instead.

  • Brian Flannigan

    So you get stopped by the police for running a red light and you complain about this. In watching the video, the officer did nothing wrong, nor did he violate your rights. You were stopped at a red light in a left turn lane and then you decided it was okay to may a U-turn on a red light once the oncoming traffic cleared? Explain to me how your traffic infraction violated your rights? Or is this another example of the privileged class not getting to do what they want? Traffic laws are in place to keep chaos from happening on the streets. Actions like yours are simply stupid. How many second did you save by running the red light? People like you give the liberty movement a bad name. STFU until you have an valid and realistic complaint.

    • Brian Flannigan

      Oh, and a simple check of that county’s website shows you pre-paid the ticket. Great defense. Well played.

  • holly

    Wow, so I know this is an older video but I just came across it. I would take this down if I were you because I makes you look like a total fool. You ran a red light with no regard or safety to anyone else. You could have hit and hurt or even killed a family minding their own business or emergency personnel responding to a call, or anyone. This officer did nothing wrong and did his job which was protecting the citizens from people like you. You wanna talk the talk but certainly don’t walk the walk. You should be humiliated and ashamed of your actions. You weren’t “protecting your rights” you were bring an unrespectful, argumentative word I won’t say. You continue to break laws and cause danger to real victims and innocent people to get your name in lights. There is nothing admirable, Christian or respectful about you and it makes me sick.